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Dan Cook

Operations Manager, Aeration & Fountains (SEFL)

Daniel Cook is an Operations Manager of SOLitude’s aeration and fountains division. He specializes in the design and installation of fountain and aeration systems for clients, and is a knowledgeable resource for repairs and maintenance.

Prior to joining the SOLitude team in 2016, Daniel worked for 6 years in the golf industry, where he gained valuable insights into the goals and pain points of golf course superintendents and property managers—particularly in terms of aquatic management and irrigation.

Daniel is originally from Stuart, FL. He likes to fish and workout. He spends as much time as possible with his wife and dogs. They’re currently in the process of building a pool at their home.

Peter Simoes

Operations Manager, Fountains & Aeration (WFL), Environmental Scientist

Collin Brown

Operations Manager, Aeration & Fountains (SW FL)

Collin Brown is an Operations Manager and Aeration Expert in Southwest Florida. Collin has been in the lake and pond management industry for several years and enjoys inspecting waterbodies, conducting water quality tests, and managing water quality issues like algal blooms and invasive plant growth. He is passionate about providing our clients with the best aeration solutions to help them reach their goals for their lake or pond.

Collin was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Florida in 2020 to study mosquitoes.

Eric Carnall bio headshot - meet the team

Eric Carnall

Operations Manager, Fountains & Aeration (SWFL), Environmental Scientist

Eric Carnall is an Environmental Scientist and Operations Manager with more than a decade of experience developing sustainable solutions for aquatic ecosystems suffering from nuisance aquatic weeds and algae throughout central Florida and surrounding regions. 

Eric is a licensed Aquatic Applicator and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Florida. He has helped lead a variety of notable projects, including a lake reclamation effort at Bahia Del Mar Lake. Eric and his team helped transform the eutrophic waterbody, which suffered from excessive nutrients, into a beautiful, thriving ecosystem once again. Additionally, Eric maintains a Florida Master Naturalist Certification, making him a valuable source of environmental knowledge for his peers and clients.  

Aside from work, Eric can often be found enjoying the great outdoors. He enjoys kayaking, mountain biking, camping horticulture and doing CrossFit.

Andres Lopez

Operations Manager, Aeration & Fountains (Central FL)

Andres Lopez the Operations Manager for fountain and aeration projects in Central Florida. He enjoys working with clients to find the perfect aeration solution for their unique lake or pond.

Andres has a Biology degree and has experience management both lakes and ponds, as well as mosquitoes.

We Work Together To Offer Exceptional Service

Great Partnership for Nearly A Decade

I’m the property manager of a large residential community in the Tampa Bay area. The property has 27 waterbodies ranging in size from several hundred square feet to almost 69 acres. SOLitude has serviced our aquatic needs for nearly a decade which have ranged from shoreline restoration and aquatic plantings to algae treatment and aeration with excellence and integrity. As a partner in our efforts to always improve our water quality they are a great resource and are able to provide any service relating to water that may be needed.

Marc C.

Property Manager, Tampa, FL

Pleasure to Do Business With

SOLitude Lake Management is a pleasure to do business with. Very professional and friendly from the first contact by phone to the actual order, installation and follow-up.

Katherine Cooper

Private Landowner, Sarasota, FL

Top-Notch Work

SOLitude is an excellent company. Very professional and they do quality work. They installed my dad’s new fountain and it’s top-notch. Flo, Chris, and Victor the installer, Adrienne, and Camilia were all great to work with.

Tyner Appel

Private Landowner, Daytona, FL

Improve Our Water Quality

SOLitude Lake Management visited our Miami Lakes Community to obtain water samples as part of the Town of Miami Lakes lake water improvement initiative. The staff was highly professional, explained all details of lake water maintenance, and took the time to provide remedies for non-oxygenated waters. Highly recommend.

Hope Reynolds

Miami-Dade County, FL

Improve Your Lake’s Water Quality with SOLitude

I have worked with SOLitude for many years at our HOA with our lakes committee. Our biologist, Christina, has been such an asset to our community from the installation of lake aeration to nutrient mitigation and her positive attitude and professionalism. The entire company is one that I would certainly recommend to any community seeking to improve their lake’s water quality.

Scott DeFilippis

Fort Myers, FL

You Can Count On SOLitude

Christine and SOLitude are the best lake company I have had the privilege of working with as a Property Manager. I do not have to worry about service, fountains, aerators, littorals, or most importantly weed infestation on lake banks. I have been in the business for over 10 years and if the property is one Christine is in charge of with SOLitude, you can count on them running things very professionally. Absolute 5-star treatment.

Marty Sullivan

Property Manager, Naples, FL

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