What is the Purpose of Stormwater Ponds?

Understanding Your Community's Stormwater Pond

Stormwater ponds are designed to be catch basins for developed areas. Stormwater ponds collect rainwater (stormwater runoff) that runs over impermeable surfaces such as parking lots, roads, and buildings. In undeveloped areas rainwater can be absorbed into the soil, taken up by trees and plants or flow into rivers, streams or wetlands naturally. The daily activities of people cause pollutants to collect on impermeable surfaces and get washed into waterways during rain events. These pollutants include dirt, oil, fertilizers, yard waste and litter. Pollutants can be harmful to habitats and wildlife downstream if they are allowed into the ecosystem. With stormwater management ponds in place, rainwater can collect, sediment and pollutants can settle out before being released back into the watershed.

community stormwater pond

Stormwater management ponds are often located in common areas and attract wildlife. Due to the contaminants being collected by the stormwater management pond this can be potentially harmful to local wildlife if not properly managed. To keep the stormwater pond functioning properly, it may need to be periodically cleaned out to remove sediments that have accumulated over time. This can be an expensive and intensive process. Actions must be taken by community members to minimize contaminates entering the stormwater pond. We can all do our part to help keep our stormwater ponds healthy by being good environmental stewards in our community.

Here are a few tips for keeping your stormwater management pond and community safe:

  • Keep litter, yard waste and pet waste out of drainage ditches and storm drains.
  • Pesticides and Fertilizers need to be used and disposed of properly. Fertilizers should never be broadcast over streets or sidewalks. Fertilizers and pesticides should only be applied at the label rate.
  • Properly dispose of oil and antifreeze.
  • Never hose chemicals off impermeable surfaces.
  • Reduce erosion from your property by planting plants and grasses over exposed areas.
  • Allow natural plants to grow up around your stormwater management pond to help filter runoff water.
  • Perform a stormwater inspection annually.

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