Nanobubble Technology

Nanobubbles: A Natural Solution to Help Restore Water Quality

Each year, the news is filled with headlines warning of invasive species, harmful algal blooms, and deadly cyanotoxins plaguing our lakes, ponds, and waterways. As urban development, pollution and natural habitat loss continue to rise, our aquatic ecosystems suffer from nutrient loading and poor water quality as a result.

Thankfully, new industry-changing innovations, like nanobubble technology, are becoming available to help combat these unprecedented obstacles. SOLitude’s team of environmental scientists, ecologists and aquatic biologists is at the forefront of this research, working diligently with manufacturers and regulatory agencies to test and refine these exciting new tools to restore the health and balance of our local aquatic ecosystems.

Nanobubbles In Action!

Nanobubble Technology

The new nanobubble technology is designed to naturally improve water quality by exceeding the oxygenation capabilities of aeration systems.

Nanobubbles are produced by an on-shore gas transfer mechanism that creates ultra-fine bubbles that are nearly invisible to the eye; in fact, at less than 1 micrometer, they are about 400 times smaller in diameter than human hair and 1 million times smaller than ordinary bubbles.

As a result of their size, nanobubbles have no natural buoyancy. Unlike floating fountains and submersed aeration systems, which use rising larger bubbles to induce circulation and transfer of atmospheric oxygen throughout the water column, nanobubbles remain within the water column for extended periods of time, providing direct oxygenation of the water.

Seeing Is Believing

  • Before & After Nanobubbles
nanobubbles before lake filled with algae nanobubbles after lake cleared of algae using nanobubbles

How Nanobubbles Works In the Water

Another interesting characteristic of nanobubbles is that they are negatively charged and, therefore, are attracted to positively charged organic matter in the water column. When they connect with positively charged metals, pollutants and dangerous cyanotoxins, nanobubbles render them inactive to keep them from causing undesirable water quality conditions. While nanobubbles are traditionally infused with oxygen from the atmosphere, they can also be infused with concentrated oxygen from small onshore generators that can easily be added to the system where faster or more immediate results are needed.

Immediate benefits of a nanobubble treatment:

  • Saturates water with up to 79,000x more oxygen than aeration
  • Helps mitigate excess nutrients and harmful toxins
  • Aims to sustain the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria and desirable microbes
  • Helps prevent the accumulation of anaerobic bottom muck and sediments
  • Can remain within the water column for more than 2-3 months

Nanobubble treatments are an exciting solution poised to transform the way our industry manage water quality problems. As the technology continues to develop, as with other similar cutting-edge advances, SOLitude will build upon our industry-leading knowledge, research and experience to lead the advancement of water quality management. Contact your local SOLitude professional to learn more about how this new nanobubble technology can help revitalize your lake, pond or waterway.

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