Top Aquatic Products For Lake and Pond Care in 2010

January 12th, 2010

lakes-and-pond-dyesThe turn of the new year may not appear to change the rules of proper lake management for you, but if you maintain a pond or body of water on your property for fishing, leisure, or ambiance, you may want to browse aquatic products to maintain cleanliness and safety. If you haven’t tried these helpful items, resolve in the new year to use them for your water.

What should your aquatic resource management company use in 2010 to ensure an upkept, gorgeous pond?

The Gator Guard – You may have seen those owl decoys on the tops of buildings, used to discourage pigeons from roosting. The Gator Guard works the same way. This realistic-looking alligator head is affixed to your pond to deter geese from touching down on the water.

The LakeSweeper – Don’t have time to set a boat deep into the pond and clean up debris. LakeSweepers are available to stretch as far at thirty feet. A boom, attached to a stationary point on the lake (like a pier) arcs over the water and sweeps up algae and other stuff that should be floating around.

Diffusers – The water in your pond needs to move constantly in order to keep oxygen transfer at a good pace. Stagnant ponds cause pollution, and a good diffuser helps distribute air throughout your water. Keep your fish and plants healthy!

Lake Dyes – Enhance the natural beauty of your pond with a water safe lake dye. A good water soluble, non-toxic colorant can reduce the sun’s penetration on your water which in turn could help in it maintenance.

If you’re serious about taking care of your water property, and keeping it free of birds and other pollutants, take care to shop for your lake’s upkeep.

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