The Benefits of a Floating Fountain Or Pond Aeration System

July 14th, 2009

pond_aeration_floating_fountain_bEver considered buying a floating fountain or aeration system, but can’t justify the cost? There are a few things which you can look at that will make your decision easier.

From subsurface aeration systems to floating fountains with a wide range of horsepower which display magnificent water patterns, floating fountains and aerators not only bring aeration and beauty to lakes and ponds, but can also help reduce seasonal pests.

As you know, with the warming weather comes that green awful looking pond algae, which is unattractive and limits its recreational uses! And once again it’s a season of itching and scratching because those pesky little mosquitoes are back not allowing your children to enjoy summer activities and ruining all outdoor plans! Well, it is time to take control by adding a decorative fountain or aeration system to your pond, which not only will improve the quality and add an aesthetically pleasing look to it, but will also reduce the amount of algae blooms and mosquitoes breeding in your community.

Adding a floating fountain can help to greatly reduce mosquito breeding as they need still water conditions for there eggs to develop. As for algae problems in your pond, aeration promotes the oxidization of nutrients which transforms them into less readily available states and promotes their movement through their natural cycles towards sequestration from the water column not allowing for as many future algae blooms.

It is also important to keep in mind that you can achieve good aeration with a floating fountain, but the more decorative pattern you choose, the more you will reduce the volume of water being pushed out, which is essential for proper aeration and adding oxygen to the water.

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