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Making a Difference through Environmental Stewardship & Community Outreach

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship and community involvement, SOLitude Lake Management strives to foster our company’s core values both inside and outside of the workplace. Through volunteerism, activism, outreach, and fundraising, we believe that we can help to make a difference in the world. By building bridges in our local communities and across the country, we hope to increase our sustainability footprint and make our mark as a company that sincerely cares about the world we live in.

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Through The SOLution, our team has…

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Creating a Better World Through The SOLution

We encourage all our employees to pursue their own passions and, as a company, we strive to be good corporate citizens.

Community Outreach 2020

“Together we are all part of The SOLution.”

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Clean up the solution volunteering heart and sol day 1
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Newark DE Family Gift Delivery - the solution - volunteering - christmas - holiday cheer
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Because of their strong environmental missions and initiatives, SOLitude Lake Management is a dedicated supporter of the following groups as part of The SOLution program:

  • National Forest Foundation
  • Combat Wounded Coalition (home of Wounded Wear)
  • Brandywine Valley Association
  • Virginia Peninsula Foodbank
  • Lynnhaven River NOW
  • Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Western Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Virginia Gentlemen Foundation
  • Food For Others
  • Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
  • Virginia Parks and Recreation Society
  • American Fisheries Society
  • Weed Science Society of America
  • Virginia Turfgrass Council
  • Delaware State Parks
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • North American Lake Management Society
  • Pennsylvania Lake Management Society
  • North Carolina Lake Management Society
  • Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council
  • Turfgrass Council of North Carolina
  • Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • MidSouth Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

How Can The SOLution Get Involved In Your Community?

Contact us if you or your organization would like to be “part of The SOLution” or if you would like to share a nonprofit’s goals for consideration in our program.

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