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February 14th, 2011

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pond_aeration_floating_fountain_bWe were very happy today to receive this wonderful testimonial from Chesapeake Bay Management, Inc. regarding our lake management services:

Working with SOLitude Lake Management has been a pleasure. The staff is extremely responsive and is excellent at serving the client. A recent experience has proven to me the value not only of the service they provide, but proved to me the company cares for the clients they serve. We had experienced horrible shipping delays and other issues with a pump that was out for repair – most of the problem being with shipping from the factory repairing the pump. Following many issues the idea was given to the Association to upgrade the lake fountain just a slight bit early (especially due to the recent failures) with an different brand fountain. The spray pattern was much prettier, but that was just aesthetics. SOLitude installed the new fountain, and another that year that the Association wished to replace, for no labor cost at all. They did this because the Association was sure to see further failures and this was the best way to service their client.

I receive feedback regularly about contractors inside the Associations that I manage. Rarely is it neutral, and very rarely is it positive as most don’t take the time to give those much needed and deserved “kudos!” I did, in the past month, receive a response to a rather large repair estimate from a committee chairperson in a community with not one, but FIVE lakes that SOLitude expertly maintains.

The Committee Chairperson said, “Our community has worked with Kevin Tucker and VLM since before I moved in around 1999. They have always provided good service and advice. Understand the name has changed from VA. Lake Management to Solitude Lake Management but the people appear to still be the same team so I would respect their advice.”

We are thankful for the kind words and great clients. We can help you with your pond management needs as well. Contact us today to learn more.

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