Pond Management Can Help Reduce Our Environmental Footprint

July 10th, 2009

Back_Bay_VA_Marc_cWe all want to leave this world in better condition than we found it. It’s not uncommon to see major corporations and even smaller businesses turning to green practices to help reduce waste and stress on the environment. For those who own property with man-made lakes and waterways, it’s important to apply the same principles to their pond maintenance.

In searching for a company to handle your lake or pond management, you’ll want to note the following traits:

  • Do they recycle all paper and plastic waste generated through their daily operations?
  • Is all of the cardboard that they receive in the way of boxes and shipping cartons either reused for outbound shipping or recycled?
  • Do they produce their own marketing materials, newsletters, and other company publications on paper that includes recycled materials?
  • Is all of the algaecide, herbicide, and other plastic containers used triple-rinsed following use and transported to a recycling facility to be shredded, ground up, and sent to manufactures for re-use in the production of new plastic products?
  • Is all herbicide and algaecide rinsate from the cleaning of plastic containers and spray equipment collected and re-used in future treatments so as to eliminate all waste and eliminate potentially adverse impacts on the environment in non-target areas?
  • Does all fountain equipment use food-grade oil as the means for cooling the motors that run the equipment, eliminating any chance for leaks of toxic petroleum based lubricants into the lakes and ponds in which these fountains operate?
  • Are all used oils collected and sent to recyclers who filter, clean, and reuse it in the production of new oil products?

The more you know about the lake management business you hire, the more secure you’ll feel in knowing you’ve done your part to help the environment.

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