Fish Stocking

Are pesky mosquitoes ruining your summer fun? There are several ways to control mosquito populations in your pond and community this year.

One of the most natural and cost-effective methods for mosquito control in and around your lakes and ponds is to simply maintain a healthy population of fish, to include minnows and other fish like mosquitofish, bass and bluegill that eat mosquito larvae in order to support their own growth and development. A regular program of minnow stocking to supplement the natural reproduction of these fish in the pond can yield very good results with respect to mosquito control.

Minnows are specifically recommended for mosquito control in ditches, stagnant pools of very warm water in summer, ornamental ponds, and temporary ponds near your home, but when proper numbers are stocked, minnows can be effectively used in larger ponds and lakes as well. Minnows should be stocked in the early spring to control mosquitoes and they will reproduce through mid-summer which will help control mosquitoes as fish populations expand.

If you are currently having mosquito control issues, you should still consider minnow stocking in combination with other effective methods such as pond aeration, proper buffer management, and larvicides to help control these pests. Control mosquitoes and enjoy your summer, more, knowing you won’t get eaten alive!

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