The SOLitude Sustainability Pledge

sustainability pledge solitude lake management

Environmental Stewardship And Ecological Balance

SOLitude Lake Management was founded on the unshakable belief that lakes, ponds, wetlands, and other freshwater systems are precious natural resources that deserve protection and preservation. It is this basic operating principle that informs everything we do.

With that vital principle in mind, we hereby pledge:

  • To provide sustainable and renewable lake and pond management solutions
  • To help preserve and, wherever possible, improve the natural ecological balance of our surroundings and the communities we serve
  • To recycle and reuse all non-renewable resources to the greatest extent possible
  • To replace older lake and pond management technology with the latest environmentally friendly solutions
  • To provide our clients with integrated and sustainable lake and pond management strategies that reduce the need for pesticides
  • To utilize the most environmentally friendly herbicides that allow for safe, selective, and systemic plant growth control
  • To help restore and maintain ecological balance by providing solutions that work in harmony with nature to achieve lasting results
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