Lake & Pond Management for Hurricanes

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Protecting Your Aquatic Assets During Hurricane Season

Hurricanes and strong storms don’t just affect your day-to-day lives; they can have a significant impact on your lake or pond as well. If you live in an area susceptible to tropical storms, you know the drill. You stock up on food and water, make sure any tree branches that may fall are trimmed, board up windows or put up hurricane shutters if necessary, and secure light yard decorations and furniture. While your home and fridge may be prepared for the storm, is your lake or pond? How about your floating fountain, aeration system, fish feeder, or other related items?

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Check Stormwater Inflow and Outflow Pipes

For stormwater ponds, inflow and outflow pipes should be inspected and any debris that has accumulated in and around the pipes should be cleared to allow proper water flow. This is a crucial step in ensuring you do not end up with a flooded yard or parking lot. Any objects near the water should be tied down or taken inside, as they can blow around and end up in the water causing a blockage in a pipe or making removal difficult.

Turn Off Floating Fountains

If your lake or pond has a floating fountain, simply turn it off before heavy wind and rains start. All the electrical and mechanical components will weather the storm, but as water levels rise, anchors may move or anchor lines may break, and the float can move around. Storms can also wash debris into the water which can clog the impeller. If you notice a decrease in pattern size or hear a funny sound when you turn your fountain back on, leave it off until the necessary repairs can be performed.

Prevent Fish Feeder Damage

If you utilize a fish feeder around your pond, the primary threat is flooding. When heavy rain is expected, make sure to empty the feeder and drag it to higher ground. While wind is less of a concern during typical storms, hurricane-force winds can topple a feeder. If you are able to, it is beneficial to move it to a safer structure to weather the storm.

The better you can prepare for the impending storm, the less likely you are to experience severe damage to your property. Once the storm has passed and conditions are deemed safe, it’s important to check your water resource and identify any areas of concern. Your lake management professional can assist with any storm-related issues that arise within your waterbody.

In the face of a hurricane, proactive efforts will help keep your mind on the things that matter most – the well-being of your family and loved ones. Stay safe!

Secure Your Property for the Next Storm

Contact us to speak with an expert on how you can protect your waterbody for the next tropical storm or hurricane.

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