Spring Lake Management

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Lake and Pond Management in Spring

pollen-pond-south-carolina.jpgAs temperatures continue to rise, there will be changes happening in and around your lake or pond. The spring months are a great time to get ahead of problems that will intensify in summer. To be prepared, the team at SOLitude recommends you keep the following tips in mind during the spring months:• If you see a yellow to light green film on the top of your lake or pond, do not panic. Many plants are producing pollen during the spring which may accumulate on your waterbody’s surface. Pollen is not a danger to your lake or pond and will dissipate on its own.

• At times pollen can look similar to algae. If it does not dissipate over time and you are unsure of what it is, contact your lake management professional.

• Be patient if you notice spring algae or green water. Once your waterbody has established a balance, either naturally or with assistance from the SOLitude Lake Management Annual Management Program, algae will clear up.

• Have your lake or pond’s water quality tested annually. This important step can help us determine the most effective proactive strategy for preventing algae blooms and fish kills throughout the summer months.

• Consider adding aeration to your waterbody. Fountains and submersed aeration greatly increase the overall health of your lake or pond while decreasing the risk of summer algae blooms and fish kills. Contact us to find out what type of aeration system is right for you.

• Inspect your lake or pond for erosion issues. With the heavy spring rain events on the horizon, it is wise to mitigate erosion before it becomes a costly problem.

• Have a thorough pond inspection performed to examine your inflow and outflow structures. Also, you should be sure to monitor outflows regularly to be sure that all debris is cleared from these areas to prevent unnecessary flooding and damage to your waterbody. Problems can happen after just one major rain event, so even if this is included in your management program, it is not uncommon for an issue to arise between services. If so, please contact us and we will respond promptly.

• Consider revamping your vegetative buffer. Adding beneficial aquatic plants to your buffer is a great way to add color around your lake or pond and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, certain plants and native grasses will help deter mosquitoes by attracting dragonflies and other mosquito predators. Maintaining a thick, dense, healthy buffer will also deter geese from inhabiting your lake or pond.

• If you have not been maintaining the vegetative buffer around your lake or pond, schedule a trimming to remove undesirable or overgrown vegetation. You will find a well maintained buffer can greatly improve how neat and clean your aquatic ecosystem looks!

• Ask us if stocking Triploid grass carp is right for your lake or pond, and legal in your state. These sterile fish can be a valuable tool for controlling aquatic vegetation and maintaining a healthy balance in your waterbody.

• Discuss natural mosquito control strategies with your lake management professional and consider having a specialist come out for a site assessment. Whether it is stocking minnows, Bluegill or another method, spring is a great time to develop a strategy for managing these summertime pests!

• Consider adding an automatic fish feeder to your lake or pond this spring. Supplemental fish feeding can help increase fish size and health while increasing the quality of your fishing experience. It can be an exciting opportunity for people of all ages to view the fish feeding.

• As the weather gets warmer, it is also a great time to start fishing. Anglers should be careful when casting near fountains. Lures can easily become snagged on the fountain float or anchor lines. This can result in costly damage to the fountains when the line is sucked up by the fountain impellers.

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