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We provide comprehensive services to all types of markets, including CDDs, homeowners associations, golf courses, commercial developments, and municipalities from multiple operating sites around Jacksonville – St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, and Lake City. Our devoted experts work closely with clients to manage aquatic weeds, algae, control mosquitoes, and midge flies and create aesthetically pleasing water features that add to the value and enjoyment of their properties while promoting sound environmental stewardship principles.

SOLitude Lake Management

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Phone: (866) 480 – 1271

Thorough Assessment Of My Pond

Received prompt and thorough assessment of a pond on my rural property. Received the advice I needed to prevent algae and for improving conditions for fish. They have good educational material on their website that is free.

Susan Poole

Private Landowner, Callahan, FL

Definitely Recommend SOLitude

SOLitude’s technician is knowledgeable and gives me extremely perfect service. He was so kind and patiently listens to my request. Also, he gave me advice about the process. I will definitely recommend this company.

Umut Guven

Jacksonville, FL

Sustainable Solutions for Northeast FL Lakes and Ponds

SOLitude Lake Management is committed to making water a more beautiful and healthy part of our world. In that pursuit, SOLitude offers eco-friendly solutions that enhance water quality, improve aesthetics, protect natural resources and limit our environmental footprint. We provide proactive, long-term maintenance solutions for the water quality issues that affect lakes, stormwater ponds, wetlands and canals across the greater Jacksonville area including:

Annual Management Programs

Article #1 proactive management - water testing - lake assessment - water quality sampling - on the job - colleague

Water Quality Testing & Restoration


Aquatic Weed & Algae Control


Wetland & Upland Management


Aeration & Fountains

Fisheries Management

aquamog ca dredging sediment removal

Debris & Sediment Removal

Lake Erosion Control

Shoreline Erosion Management

Nuisance & Invasive Species Control

Your Jacksonville Florida Team

Learn more about your local team of aquatic specialists:

Your Jacksonville Florida Team

Your Jacksonville Florida Team

Learn more about your local team of aquatic specialists:

Your Jacksonville Florida Team
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How Can We Help Your Community?

Whatever your lake and pond management needs may be, SOLitude has the answer. Simply fill out the form below and let us know how we can assist. We look forward to helping you find your custom lake or pond management solution.

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