Ponder These Thoughts: Spring Lake Management Tips

March 15th, 2013

describe the imageWe recommend that you consider the following tips during the spring months to be sure your pond to be prepared for warm weather:

• Ask us about stocking your pond or retention basin with minnows to naturally and effectively control mosquito larvae.• Examine basin inlet(s) and outlet(s) to ensure devices are obstruction free and operational.• If your pond’s vegetative buffer was not trimmed last fall, the spring time is also a good season to remove dead vegetation from the buffer, setting the stage for healthy growth this year.• Spring is also an ideal time of the year to enhance your pond or basin’s buffer with supplemental plantings. Flowering plants can be added to pepper in some color.• Have your pond’s water quality tested. Find out early in the season if there is a chemical imbalance or increased nutrient load in the water.• Be patient if you notice spring pond algae or green water. Once your pond has established a balance, either naturally or with assistance from an annual maintenance program, algae will clear up.• If your fountains were stored during the harsh, winter months, schedule for them to be put back into the water and have them run 24/7 to increase healthy dissolved oxygen in the water.• For all you anglers out there – don’t be tempted to cast too close to the fountain! Every spring we get several calls about fountains going down due to fishing lines being sucked up into the impellors and wrapped around the shaft. This causes failed seals and expensive repairs.

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