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    High Quality LED Lighting Options

    Enhance Your Fountain with Bright, Clear LED Lighting

    fountain with lightsBy now, most people are familiar with LED lighting and its many advantages. What has been helping to provide value and environmental benefit on land is now starting to provide the same benefits and value under the water. More and more fountain manufacturers are adopting LED lighting as a replacement for the traditional halogen lighting that was the norm for many, many years. Early on, many manufacturers rushed out cheap LED lighting that was said to be rated for underwater use, but in reality, much of this equipment failed after a short time.

    A select few manufacturers have taken a more methodical and cautious approach, an approach that has led to the development of high quality products that live up to the billing. They have designed, engineered, tested and brought to market quality LED lighting that provides all of the benefits we have come to expect with LED lighting, while also providing the durability necessary for undewater applications.

    Of all of the sets we have tested and worked with so far, we are by far the most excited about what AquaMaster® Fountains and Aerators has to offer our clients. Not only have their fountains typically been the best on the market, we are now seeing them release LED lighting packages that are by far the best, and although more expensive than the halogen light sets of old, much less expensive than they used to be when much of the original LED lighting first hit the market.

    For those fountain owners who already have a traditional halogen light set and desire to step up to these improved LED lights, and take advantage of the environmental benefits and long term reduction in energy and maintenance costs, AquaMaster now offers a retrofit kit that can be used to convert you existing light set for roughly a third of the cost of replacing it all together.

    led vs. halogen lights


    Primary advantages of LED fountain lights sets:

    - LED lighting actually has a slightly brighter and clearer light than your current halogen lights.

    - You will see lower cost in your energy bill. LED bulbs cost an average of 85% less to run (depending on usage) than their incandescent equivalents.

    - Finally, and most importantly, the new bulbs are rated for 16-20 times the usage hours or “life” of the halogen bulbs they replace. This will result in a significant savings in the expense associated with replacement bulbs and the labor to replace them 2-3 times per year. Under normal conditions, you should not have to replace one of these LED bulbs for 10 years. Win, win, win!

    Turn your floating fountain into a beautiful community centerpiece. Contact the lake and pond aeration experts at SOLitude Lake Management.

    Light Up Your Lake Fountain  


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