Fishing With Kids

September 10th, 2012

fishing with kidsThe fast pace of our society has made it common for kids to spend less time in the outdoors.  Due to the advances in technology and the financial need to have both parents working to pay the bills, it seems that most people have become complacent with kids not getting as involved with outdoor activities.  Involving children with nature is critical for the preservation of the environment and the successful development of our culture. One fun way to get kids involved with “Mother Nature” is to take them fishing.  Catching Bluegill in a pond can be done easily if Bluegill are present in the water body. If you have a pond near you, it may be as simple as asking for permission. If you own a pond, you may have plenty of Bluegill waiting to be caught. The best part about Bluegill in ponds is that once you have stocked them, you almost never need to stock the fish again because they reproduce very well. Hand feeding the Bluegill on the pond can be easy; and, if you feed them consistently in the same place with floating fish feed, it will create a great fishing spot to take the kids. Catching Bluegill is not only fun and easy for kids to do, but it also feels good on your wallet. The tackle needed to catch bluegill is the most inexpensive fishing tackle of any fishing type. So, with a fishing spot chosen, bait purchased, and kids waiting, all you need to do is grab a fishing pole!Whether you are an advanced angler or a first timer yourself, take the time to introduce a child to fishing. Many types of fish can live in ponds, and as kids get hooked, they will likely want to move on to a more challenging species.  If at all possible this summer, set time aside to introduce kids to the outdoors, it just might be the most influential thing you can do.

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