Factors That Determine Successful Fisheries Management

September 4th, 2012

7-8_pound_largemouth_bass_cIf you maintain water property as part of your business or home, you may have a small population of fish to care for in your pond or lake. Whether you keep fish for a business (fish camp, outdoor resort) or enjoy a private spot for your personal recreation, you want to ensure the health of all aquatic and plant life regardless of weather and surrounding environment. Proper management of your lake or pond property can ensure that every time you or somebody else fishes – for food or sport – that every catch yields a healthy specimen. The productivity of your fishery relies upon a number of factors to guarantee this success.

Property owners unfamiliar with managing such an environment should contact a lake and fisheries management firm with the tools and skills useful in maintaining optimal water levels and fish population. You’ll learn soon that keeping a lake or pond involves more than spraying occasionally for insects and making sure there is no overflow after a long rain. There are water quality and aeration issues to consider, and balance of different fish species in order to support new additions to the population. When you discuss your options with a lake management company, you may be advised on the following:

Habitat Management – How will you maintain the structure of your pond, and make sure the water quality stays high? Power systems that keep your water in motion – as opposed to suffering damaging stagnation – may be installed to assist in improving vegetation and quality of life for your fish.

Predator to Prey Ratios – When predator population grows too large, it can negatively effect the state of your pond. Your management team may suggest tactics like harvesting and population management to maintain good balance.

Supplemental Feeding – Installation of a self-sustaining feeding system helps your fish to a reliable food source while you have time to concentrate on other aspect of pond maintenance.

Trophy Management – For fisheries that offer the opportunity to catch prize-winning bass and other fish, water quality and predator/prey ratios are critical.

Weather plays an important role, too, in preserving the integrity of your pond. In extreme heat, fish are susceptible to danger even in the water. Having a lake management specialist on hand to provide solutions that protect your property is important for the future of your fishing enjoyment.

Your lake is your haven. Whether you fish for sport or for the night’s dinner, take care of the environment and utilize the expertise of a management team to keep your aquatic life healthy.

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