Case Study: Nanobubbles Transform a Golf Course Lake in FL

August 15th, 2019


Nanobubbles are an exciting new technology that is helping restore water quality in some of the most problematic lakes and ponds. One such lake that greatly benefitted from the infusion of these tiny bubbles is located in a large development district in Bonita Springs, FL. This 1.3-acre lake was persistently plagued by multiple species of algae—including filamentous green algae and potentially toxic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). The pond is located adjacent to a golf course and has multiple homes around its perimeter, making water quality restoration a priority. Historically, the 8 ft deep lake underwent extensive algaecide treatments with little long-term success.

Due to difficulties faced in conventional control management, the lake was deemed a candidate for control using new nanobubble technology. Nanobubble technology is designed to exceed the oxygenation capabilities of traditional aeration systems. Nanobubbles produced by on-shore generators are ultra-fine—about 400 times smaller in diameter than human hair and 1 million times smaller than ordinary bubbles. As a result of their microscopic size, nanobubbles have no natural buoyancy and remain within the water column for extended periods of time, allowing them to provide an incredible amount of oxygenation to a waterbody.

Nanobubble aeration results

The nanobubble device ran from August through November of 2018, with a few intermittent down times for repairs and maintenance. The device uses a 7.5hp pump to circulate water from the lake while injecting beneficial nanobubbles into the water column. Algaecide treatment was discontinued to allow for an objective measure of success. Within 2 weeks, there was no visible algae on the surface of the lake and the algae on the lake bottom was observed to be dying off. The algae remained absent from the lake during the entirety of the test.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements taken before and during the test indicated that the DO had risen over 50% in the water just above the lake bottom. It is hypothesized that the nanobubbles have also diffused into the organic muck, providing oxygen for aerobic bacteria.

Based on a monthly average of the algaecides used to treat the lake prior to the test, approximately $1,000 was saved in algaecide application costs alone. This does not include labor or equipment. Residents commented that the lake looked better than it ever had and were ecstatic about the results.

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