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    10 Reasons to Feed Your Fish With a Feeder

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 23, 2015

    Written by Industry Expert David Beasley, Lead Fisheries Biologist

    TH_Pro_Series_LM175_caption_added_e1. Pellet fish feed is the most cost effective fisheries management approach to grow fish

    2. They provide an opportunity for rapid fish growth

    3. Two pounds of quality fish feed will convert into one pound of fish compared to ten pounds of stocked fish to equal one pound of fish growth

    4. Many fish species eat fish feed (Bluegill, fathead minnows, golden shiners, channel catfish, carp/koi, gizzard shad and trout naturally eat pellet feed, while most species of bass require training)

    7_This_catfish_grew_15_pounds_in_three_years_eating_fish_feed_caption_e5. Feeders create a great fishing location to take children and those anxious to catch a fish

    6. They are reliable and feed on time, every time

    7. Feeders allow you to observe your fish feeding

    8. Feeders come in multiple sizes to meet your exact needs and are solar powered

    9. They can be installed on the shore, on a dock or a float out in the water

    10. Quality fish feeders require minimal maintenance and can last a lifetime

    Visit www.solitudelakemanagement.com/supplementalfeeding for more information.

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    Supplemental Feeding

    Contact the experts at 888-480-LAKE (5253) for all of your lake, pond and fisheries management needs. 

    David Beasley is a Lead Fisheries Biologist with SOLitude Lake Management. Since 1998, SOLitude Lake Management has been committed to providing full service lake and pond management services that improve water quality, preserve natural resources, and reduce our environmental footprint. Services are available throughout the Eastern United States. Fisheries management consulting and aquatic products are available nationwide. Learn more about SOLitude Lake Management and purchase products at www.solitudelakemanagement.com.

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