Feeding Fish with Automatic Fish Feeders

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Grow Bigger, Healthier Fish and Improve Catch Rates

Regularly feeding the fish in your lake or pond with an automatic fish feeder is one of the many fisheries management strategies recommended by the professionals at SOLitude Lake Management to help clients grow bigger, healthier fish.

Many waterbodies are lacking a natural food source or don’t produce enough natural food to support the desired predator population. Using automatic feeders filled with pellet feed is an ideal method for feeding many species of forage fish. The additional food source will give your baitfish the needed edge to improve survival and reproductive success, while also providing your pond with the needed food to support a much greater biomass of forage fish. Supplemental fish feeding benefits predator fish as well. Bass and trout species thrive on artificial feed; therefore, the option of feeding should be considered when managing for these species.

One of the most significant advantages to fish feeding is the front row seat you will have when managing your fishery. The ability to observe fish growing over the years up close is of great benefit. Feeders also provide a great fishing hole for kids and a quick place to catch a meal if desired.

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Other benefits of feeding with automatic fish feeders include…

  • Fish feed is a great way to support the base of the food chain and to help maintain a healthy fish community.
  • Pellet fish feed is the most cost-effective fisheries management approach to growing fish.
  • Artificial feed is known to have a 2:1 conversion ratio, so for every 2 pounds of feed you grow 1 pound of fish. Stocking forage fish may have its benefits, but the conversion ratios are oftentimes only 10:1.
  • Catch rates are often improved when using timed fish feeders, as fish will congregate toward the automatic feeder during feeding time.
  • Fish feeders help balance the lake or pond’s predator-to-prey ratio.
  • Feeders provide a great fishing hole for kids and a quick place to catch a meal if desired.

Did you know? A wide variety of species eat fish food…

  • Forage species, such as Fathead Minnows, Golden Shiners, Gizzard Shad and Bluegill, and ornamental fish such as Goldfish and Koi, all readily take to fish feed.
  • Predators such as Channel Catfish and Trout naturally consume pelleted feed, while others such as Largemouth Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass can be trained to eat feed.

Fish feeders are flexible, dependable, and come in multiple sizes to meet the exact needs of your aquatic ecosystem. They are solar-powered and operate on timers so they can easily be placed in almost any location on your property. Feeders can be installed on the shore, dock, or float. Quality feeders require minimal maintenance and can last a lifetime.

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Supplemental feeding as part of a Fisheries Management Plan…

Supplemental feeding is simply one aspect of creating a healthy fishery and an outstanding fishing experience. Assessment and management of the entire aquatic ecosystem is essential to creating the perfect habitat to grow and catch big, healthy fish. Whether you want to catch largemouth bass, tiger muskie, hybrid-striped bass or other trophy fish species, or you are just interested in consistent and reliable fishing for you and your family, our experienced staff of fisheries biologists at SOLitude will work closely with you to design an individually tailored Fisheries Management Plan that is customized to your specific goals, budget and timeframe.

Building Healthy Fish with a Fisheries Management Plan

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