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An Alternate Pond Aeration Solution

windmill-aeration-systems1A pond aeration system is the ideal solution to maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Nutrients accumulate in ponds through the natural cycle within ponds as well as through nutrient runoff. Often times these nutrients are utilized by filamentous algae or vegetation, resulting in an unhealthy, unattractive body of water. Ponds also naturally stratify, setting up with a layer of warmer water above a layer of cooler water.

Unfortunately the layer of cooler water is unexposed to atmospheric air, suffocating the bottom half of the pond. As the oxygen depletes, ammonia and nitrite levels increase and within a few months many ponds reduce their living space by 50 percent. Over the course of the summer, the bottom half of many ponds become toxic for most aquatic life and could cause a fish kill. Without oxygen, organic matter accumulates forming a black muck throughout the ponds bottom. This is nature’s natural way of transforming a pond into a wetland.

Aeration is the best tool used to keep ponds healthy and prosperous. Pond aerators are a form of preventative maintenance that has more benefits than just cutting down on pond algae growth. Aeration can make or break the health of an ecosystem; and every pond, no matter the location, has a need for aeration. Modern upgrades in technology allow for an efficient, alternative variety of aeration solutions. Windmill aerators are a good alternative source of aeration. With innovative advances in technology windmills can operate more effectively with less maintenance than ever before. Every pond has individual needs and windmill aeration is not the answer for all ponds. In situations where aeration is needed 24/7, electric powered units are the right choice. In situations where nutrients need to be managed and the pond needs to destratify, windmills will work well. Windmills are great in remote locations where electric power is not available or in ponds where intense aeration is not necessary. In some situations teaming windmill units with electric powered aeration systems is a great choice. Many times windmill aeration can provide sufficient aeration throughout the day, but as the wind diminishes throughout the night, powered aeration on a programmable timer could be used to fill the void, reducing electric costs while helping the environment. Windmills can be customized with different color powder coated paints, making them aesthetically pleasing. Also using logos or art work, each windmill can be unique to the individual property.

In an effort to further our commitment to providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products, SOLitude Lake Management now offers wind powered aeration. Outdoor Water Solutions has worked together with a team of engineers to develop the most advanced technology available for wind driven aeration on the market today. “BalCam” technology revolutionizes the industry by significantly increasing the amount of air produced with a single diaphragm utilizing a new balanced camshaft system. These windmills have the longest warranty in the windmill aeration market with a industry leading five year warranty.

A windmill pond aeration system is an economic, safe, low maintenance and attractive option to reduce sediment and help decompose all organic materials in your waterbody. Whether you are showing that you support green energy with an aesthetically pleasing model or are using the unit to keep and aquatic ecosystem prosperous, windmill aeration should be considered.

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