Aerial Aquatic Herbicides Application

aerial application plane vdci

Upland, Wetland and Aquatic Weed Control

For large open areas or sites where land or boat based aquatic herbicides treatments are a challenge, SOLitude Lake Management offers clients the ability to treat their undesirable plants species and pond weeds through aerial application technologies. Aerial applications of aquatic herbicides are often much more efficient and cost-effective in these situations, allowing our clients good control over a much larger area.

Aerial applications are often combined with land based aquatic herbicide applications to get thorough treatment coverage of all target species throughout sites that are both open in some areas and filled with obstacles such as buildings, trees, etc., in other areas.

The precision GPS and weather adjusted application technology equipped aircraft allow us to provide pinpoint target accuracy and treatment rates, ensuring the success of the treatment while mitigating any adverse effects to non-target areas.

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