Top 10 Pond Management Articles of 2019… Hint, #1 is Slimy & Toxic!

January 7th, 2020


That’s a wrap! What a year it has been. In honor of the new year, we gathered all of our educational articles and picked the top 10 most-viewed of 2019. Read our most popular articles covering toxic algae, aquatic weed control, fisheries and wildlife management and new innovations and technologies.

Toxic Algae10. What We Can Learn from the Worst Algae Catastrophes in History

Discover the dangers of Harmful Algae Blooms and what we can learn from past catastrophes to protect our waterbodies in the future. Many factors contribute to algae growth, including temperature, sunlight, and carbon dioxide, but nutrients are usually the main differentiator.

Rainbow Trout9. Stock Fish Ponds With Rainbow Trout Now for Winter Fun & Forage

Looking for some fun winter fishing? Learn when it’s best to stock rainbow trout in your fishery. During the winter months, a “stock and take” style of fisheries management helps provide months of enjoyment, wonderful memories with family and friends, and extremely tasty table-fare.

Erosion Control8. Bioengineered Living Shorelines the Newest Erosion Control Solution

Learn about the game-changing technology that is restoring shorelines from the devastating effects of erosion. Erosion is a natural process caused by wind, rainfall, poor design, cultural impacts like mowing and recreation, or simply an aging aquatic ecosystem.

Do Not Feed Wildlife7. Lake Management: Don’t Feed the Wildlife!

Discover why feeding local wildlife is not only harmful to the animals but can also have damaging effects on your waterbody. The feeds provided by humans to wildlife, which often includes corn and bread, generally amounts to junk food and can cause excessive weight gain.

Nanobubble Aeration6. A Technological Break-Through in Sustainable Lake Management

Nanobubble aeration is changing the management of algae blooms. Learn about nanobubble technology and how these tiny bubbles are making a big impact. This new game-changing technology will make the sustainable management of stubborn algae blooms a no-brainer.

Fish Kill5. Has Toxic Golden Algae Caused a Fish Kill in Your Community?

Learn about this unique algae species and why it is a danger to fishery health. Golden algae have the ability to produce a toxin that disrupts respiration in gill-breathing  fish, crayfish and some amphibians. Mysteriously, we don’t know what causes the toxin release.

Toxic Algae Blooms4. 7 Tips to Help Protect Your Family & Pets From Dangerous Toxic Algae

Toxic algae not only cause water quality issues in your lake and pond, but it can also be harmful to humans, pets and wildlife. Learn how you can protect yourself and loved ones from Harmful Algal Blooms. Toxic blooms will continue to appear without proactive management.

Electrofishing Benefits3. Fisheries Management: The Benefits of Electrofishing

Whether you’re interested in creating a prized trophy fishery or just want to improve the health and longevity of your fishing pond, electrofishing is an essential tool for fisheries managers. This is the primary sampling technique used to gather information about your fishery.

Aquatic Plant Management2. Aquatic Weed Control: How to Get Rid of Pond Weeds

Managing pond weeds can be a tricky and often frustrating task. Learn how professional lake and pond managers identify and manage aquatic weeds based off of your waterbody’s unique water chemistry and your long-term goals for the aquatic ecosystem.

Harmful Algal Bloom1. Top 10 Ways: How to Prevent Harmful Algal Blooms and Cyanobacteria

Harmful algal blooms are becoming increasingly common in our freshwater ecosystems. Learn how you can help reduce the likelihood of toxic algae blooms in your local lakes and ponds through proactive management, community education, and early identification.

We are looking forward to the new year as we continue our mission to protect and preserve our aquatic resources. Subscribe to our blog for updates on the latest industry news, educational articles, company updates and more!

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