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    Your Full-Service Lake Management Team

    Meet The Florida Team: South Florida

    North FL | Northwest FL | Central FL | West FL Southwest FL 
    Southeast FL 
    | Aeration | Wetlands


    Bill Kurth

    Regional Director:
    South, Southwest and Southeast FL


    Bill Kurth, a Regional Director in Florida, has more than 34 years of extensive experience in lake, pond and wetland management. Bill specializes in providing innovative treatment solutions for clients using new products and technologies, and has managed waterbodies for many of his local community associations and clients for 25 years or more.

    Bill attended Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University, where he earned a degree in Business Management. He began his industry career as an aquatic applicator with a Florida-based aquatics company, where he quickly became responsible for the technical training of all new employees, and was promoted to the position of Branch Manager of the company's Ft. Myers branch within 4 years. Bill then moved to Cape Coral Florida in 1987, where his expertise in herbicide technology and ability to sell and manage while also performing aquatic applications allowed Bill to grow his branch by 400% in 8 years. In 1999, Bill moved on to the then newly-formed Lake Masters Aquatic Weed Control, where he served in many roles, including Branch Manager, Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations. Under his leadership, Lake Masters became one of the premier lake management companies in Florida before merging with SOLitude in 2018.

    Bill is a multi-year board member for the Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society (FAPMS) and has served as a member of the North American Lake Management Society. He has presented at FAPMS on Control of Exotic Melaleuca Trees, and Recognition and Control of Golden Algae; at the UF/IFAS Aquatic Weed Control Short Course on the control of exotic species in Wetlands; at NALMS on Aquatic Weed Control in Florida; and has spoken at SePro Annual Business Conference on the use of Sonar herbicide in irrigation and other lakes, and on the efficacy of Captain XTR algaecide. He served on the Advisory board for SePRO, and has won awards for Best Management Practices, Sustainability, and Applicator of the Year in 2007. Bill was also named Outstanding Business Partner by the Bonita Bay Group and is a certified erosion and illicit discharge inspector.

    Bill’s love of the outdoors is evident through his many hobbies, which include boating, fishing, diving, and travel. He also has a passion for cooking and gardening, and has been heavily involved with aquarium-keeping for most of his life, including live reef aquariums with living coral. Bill was an active little league coach for nine years as his boys, William and Alex, were growing up. Today, he and his wife, Carolyn, reside in Cape Coral, FL. They recently became grandparents and love to spend as much time as possible with family.

    Contact Bill

    Josh McGarry

    Regional Sales Manager  

    Josh McGarryJosh McGarry is a Regional Sales Manager who helps oversee business development efforts across SOLitude’s Sarasota and Sun City territories. He enjoys helping and educating clients, developing his team, and speaking at industry conferences. He is passionate about supporting his colleagues and being a good steward to the environment by restoring wetlands and waterways to a natural and healthy state.

    Josh earned a Master Naturalist Certification from the University of Florida, and holds a Florida Green Best Management Practices certificate. He has more than 10 years of experience working with SOLitude.

    Josh was born-and-raised in Aurora, NY, in the Finger Lakes region.

    Contact Josh

    Gary Wilhelm

    Senior Business Development Consultant 

    Gary Wilhelm

    Gary Wilhelm is a Senior Business Development Consultant with more than 25 years of experience providing sustainable solutions for lake, pond and wetland challenges. He focuses on cultivating relationships with clients to exceed their property goals and has extensive knowledge on all aspects of freshwater management. Gary has valuable experience working with homeowners associations, property management companies and private property owners. He also has an extensive background working with golf course superintendents, general managers, golf course architects and golf pros, and has served as a member of the Florida Golf Course Superintendents Association for more than 25 years.

    Gary enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and watching sports. He’s an avid Dolphins and Miami Hurricane fan, as well as a competitive golfer. In fact, he carries a +2 handicap and has played in many qualifiers for PGA tour events throughout the years.  

    Contact Gary 

    Mike Bayless

    District Manager

    mike-bayless-web-newMike Bayless is a District Manager in south Florida. Mike has more than 21 years of experience helping clients identify aquatic plant and algae species found in their areas and properly manage them in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Invaluable on-the-job experiences have allowed Mike to play a part in a wide range of aquatic-related projects, encompassing annual maintenance on thousands of ponds per year and treating countless acres of invasive wetland plants. He has received numerous certifications and credentials that expertly qualify him to manage lakes, ponds and wetlands, and uses his extensive knowledge base to educate new hires, clients and industry peers.

    In his free time, Mike enjoys boating, fishing, scuba diving, traveling and spending quality time with his family.  

    Contact Mike

    Todd Barhydt

    District Manager
    Aquatic Biologist

    Todd BarhydtTodd Barhydt is a District Manager and Aquatic Biologist who helps lead SOLitude’s Ft. Pierce, Pompano Beach, and Miami offices. He oversees daily operations of the company’s aquatic management professionals and is passionate about the preserve and littoral services the company provides. It is Todd’s mission to protect the environment by keeping aquatic areas as natural as possible.

    Todd has served on the SOLitude team in multiple positions for more than 25 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in Marine Science with a minor in Biology from Kutztown University, where he focused extensively on limnology.

    Todd was born and raised in the northeast corner of Auburn, IN.

    Contact Todd

    Brandon Hill

    Service Manager

    Brandon Hill

    Brandon Hill is a Service Manager who specializes in maintaining lakes and preserves in South Florida. As a native to the area, he knows the wetlands well and has spent more than a decade learning first-hand about their unique characteristics.

    He loves working outside in a team atmosphere and knowing that each day is different with new challenges. In his off time, he enjoys watching and playing sports. He also coaches 5th, 6th and 7th graders in football and basketball.

    Contact Brandon

    Jeff Schulz

    Field Operations Manager

    Jeff Schulz

    Jeff Schulz is a Field Operations Manager and Aquatic Biologist who helps lead aquatic management projects in Broward and Palm Beach. He is passionate about the sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems and ensures clients receive the outstanding lake management services they expect.

    Jeff earned his bachelor’s degree in Biological Science with a concentration in Marine Science from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. During his studies, he attended the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute’s Semester by the Sea program, where he gained hands-on field experience with Florida’s natural environment. He joined the SOLitude team in 2005.

    Jeff was born-and-raised in Hartford, CT, and later moved to Florida. He has a great interest in our coastal environment and is an expert scuba diver with many advanced certifications.

    Contact Jeff

    Jordana Cutajar

    Laboratory Biologist
    Environmental Scientist

    Jordana CutajarJordana Cutajar is a Laboratory Biologist and Environmental Scientist. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. She brings four years of experience to the SOLitude team, most spent focusing on water quality management and invasive species removal.

    Jordana is based out of SOLitude’s Pompano laboratory, where she conducts water quality analysis, toxic algae identification and writes custom laboratory reports. Her work helps our science team determine underlying causes of excessive algae, weeds, odor, and muck in our clients’ lakes and ponds. This information facilitates the development of sustainable maintenance plans.

    Jordana is Canadian-born but grew up in the south Florida city of Pembroke Pines. She is passionate about water quality and sustainability and enjoys balancing lab and field work. Additionally, Jordana helps ensure her local teams are responsible corporate citizens by preserving the state’s natural resources. She works with company leaders to initiate new and innovative ways to help reduce waste.

    Contact Jordana

    Eggy Suarez

    Senior Aquatic Biologist

    Eggy SuarezEggy Suarez is a Senior Aquatic Biologist who manages aquatic ecosystems throughout Southeast Florida. He enjoys the challenges of restoring lakes, ponds and wetlands in the state’s subtropical climate and has a special expertise in the identification of exotic weeds, nuisance algae, native wildlife, and unbalanced water quality conditions.

    Eggy received his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Havana in Cuba and continued his education by attending post-graduate programs in marine biology and aquaculture before moving to the United States. Thanks to his Cuban heritage and education, Eggy works well with the local communities to achieve their goals of beautiful and healthy lakes and waterways.

    Contact Eggy

    Terry Martinez

    Aquatic Biologist

    Terry MartinezTerry Martinez is an Aquatic Biologist who manages lakes and ponds throughout the Miami, FL area. He specializes in the identification and eradication of aquatic weeds and algae. He is knowledgeable about sustainable solutions that enhance the health and aesthetics of aquatic ecosystems in residential communities.

    Terry earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Philipps-University Marburg. He joined the SOLitude team in 2019 after spending time as a research assistant at GEOMAR Oceanography Institute in Keil Germany. During that time, he traveled across the Baltic Sea to collect water and sponge samples for microbiological research.

    In his free time, Terry enjoys calisthenics and exercising outdoors. His hobbies include martial arts, SCUBA/free diving and traveling. He’s also passionate about biological and marine science.

    Contact Terry

    Brad Mullings

    Aquatic Biologist

    Bradley MullingsBrad Mullings is an Aquatic Biologist who manages lakes and ponds using proactive management strategies and new technologies. He specializes in water quality sampling and building aquatic management programs using data and proven processes.

    Brad earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Marian University before joining the SOLitude team in January 2019.

    In his spare time, Brad enjoys football and guitar.

    Contact Brad

    John Preciado

    Aquatic Specialist

    john-peciado-web-newJohn Preciado is an Aquatic Specialist and new hire trainer with more than two decades of experience. He has received numerous certifications and credentials that expertly qualify him to manage lakes, ponds and wetlands. John helps clients identify aquatic plant and algae species found in their areas and helps them develop sustainable management strategies in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. John’s extensive industry background has allowed him to play an integral part in some of the largest water quality and plant monitoring programs in Florida.

    John is boating safety certified in addition to being a licensed commercial aquatic herbicide applicator. He’s also a member of the Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society.

    In his spare time, John enjoys playing sports, specifically, golf and soccer.    

    Contact John

    Aaron Marcum

    Aquatic Specialist

    Aaron Marcum

    Aaron Marcum is an Aquatic Specialist who specializes in the sustainable management of lakes, ponds and wetlands. In addition to maintaining the natural balance of aquatic ecosystems, he aims to exceed the expectations of his many clients.

    Aaron is a Licensed Pesticide Applicator. Prior to joining the SOLitude team in 2007, he gained experience in the construction industry.

    Aaron is a father of three and grandfather of four. He is a devoted husband and son to his elderly parents. He is very involved in quality family enrichment.

    Contact Aaron

    Isaiah Moles

    Aquatic Specialist

    Isaiah Moles

    Isaiah Moles is an Aquatic Specialist who joined the SOLitude team in July 2019. He is passionate about the preservation of aquatic ecosystems throughout Florida and serves as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable resource for clients. He prioritizes the balance of lakes, ponds and wetlands using proactive tools and technologies.

    In his free time, Isaiah can usually be found enjoying the outdoors. His hobbies include surfing, fishing, and camping. He spends as much time as possible with his wife and kids.

    Contact Isaiah 

    Eric Dolan

    Aquatic Specialist

    Eric DolanEric Dolan is an Aquatic Specialist who joined the SOLitude team in 2015. He regularly works with clients to identify sustainable solutions for the lake and pond problems. He is a knowledgeable resource with a wide range of experience in all aspects of freshwater resource management.

    In his spare time, Eric enjoys fishing, hunting, and watching his two boys play baseball.

    Contact Eric

    Jackson Martinez

    Aquatic Specialist

    jackson-martinez-web.jpgJackson Martinez is an Aquatic Specialist and new hire trainer with nearly a decade of experience managing lakes, ponds and wetlands. Jackson helps clients identify aquatic plant and algae species found in their areas and develops sustainable management strategies that help maintain a healthy ecosystem. Invaluable on-the-job experiences have allowed Jackson to play a part in a wide range of aquatic-related projects, encompassing annual maintenance on thousands of ponds per year and treating countless acres of invasive wetland plants. He has been a part of water quality and plant monitoring programs in some of the largest lakes in Florida.

    In his spare time, Jackson can be found playing basketball and fishing in Florida’s beautiful waters.    

    Contact Jackson 

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