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    Your Full-Service Lake Management Team

    Meet The Florida Team: North Florida

    Northwest FL | West FL | Central FL Southwest FL 
    Southeast FL 
    | South FL | Aeration | Wetlands


    North Florida

    Gary Ribbink

    Regional Director:
    North and Central FL

    Gary Ribbink

    Gary Ribbink is a Regional Director who leads teams in SOLitude’s Sanford, Winter Garden, and Jacksonville offices. He began managing lakes, ponds and wetlands in Florida in 1984 and has excelled in many roles throughout his tenure at SOLitude. He is passionate about resolving freshwater imbalances and wants his clients to know he is up for any aquatic management challenge--and will not rest until it has been resolved.

    Gary was born-and-raised in Dayton, OH. In 1972, he enlisted in the United States Navy, during which he served as a radiation worker and nuclear power plant operator on fast attack and fleet ballistic missile nuclear submarines. Throughout this time, he gained valuable experience with water chemistry training, testing, and control. He worked his way up to become a supervisor and 2nd Class Petty Officer before being honorably discharged after six years.

    From there, Gary moved to Florida where he earned his Associate of Arts degree from Seminole Community College. Before joining SOLitude, he worked in water plant operations for the City of Deerfield Beach.

    Contact Gary

    Josh McGarry

    Regional Sales Manager  

    Josh McGarryJosh McGarry is a Regional Sales Manager who helps oversee business development efforts across SOLitude’s Sarasota and Sun City territories. He enjoys helping and educating clients, developing his team, and speaking at industry conferences. He is passionate about supporting his colleagues and being a good steward to the environment by restoring wetlands and waterways to a natural and healthy state.

    Josh earned a Master Naturalist Certification from the University of Florida, and holds a Florida Green Best Management Practices certificate. He has more than 10 years of experience working with SOLitude.

    Josh was born-and-raised in Aurora, NY, in the Finger Lakes region.

    Contact Josh

    Katie Cabanillas

    Business Development Consultant
    Aquatic Biologist 

    Katie CabanaillsKatie Cabanillas is an Aquatic Biologist and Business Development Consultant who collaborates with SOLitude’s aquatic management teams to recommend and implement lake and pond maintenance programs that promote the health and beauty of the environment.

    Katie was born in Jacksonville, FL. Katie attended Berry College in Rome, GA, where she received her bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a concentration in Biology. Her program consisted of education on aquatic biology and environmental impacts. She gained additional experience in lab and field procedures after she joined the SOLitude team several years ago.

    Contact Katie

    David Cottrell

    District Manager

    David Cottrell David Cottrell is a District Manager and Botanist who ensures SOLitude’s clients receive the best quality lake management services and solutions available to them. He is a knowledgeable and experienced resource who specializes in creating custom management plans that prioritize the health of aquatic environments across the region.

    David earned his bachelor’s degree in Botany from the University of Florida. He is also Green Industries Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) certified. He joined the SOLitude team in 1997.

    David was born-and-raised in Fernandina Beach, FL. Previously, David worked at Amelia Island Plantation, a resort in his hometown where he took care of plants and prepared them aesthetically for corporate events and weddings.

    Contact David

    Derek Byrnes

    Service Manager
    Aquatic Biologist

    Derek Byrnes

    Derek Byrnes is a Service Manager and Aquatic Biologist based out of Northeast Florida. He enjoys helping customers identify solutions to their water quality problems and assisting his colleagues with their technical challenges. He is dedicated to preserving the ecological balance of the environment through ecologically sound tools and practices.

    As an Aquatic Biologist, Derek is responsible for water quality and algae sampling, bathymetric lake mapping, nutrient management, midge fly/mosquito surveys, scientific reporting and more.

    Derek was born in San Antonio, TX. He has also lived in the Midwest, where he attended the University of Northern Iowa. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

    Contact Derek

    William Hinton

    Account Representative
    Aquatic Biologist

    William Hinton William Hinton is an Account Representative and Aquatic Biologist who is experienced in the management of exotic and invasive species for community managers and property owners throughout Jacksonville, FL. He helps clients identify their aquatic management goals and develop maintenance plans that prioritize the balance of aquatic ecosystems.

    William earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Western Kentucky University. He joined the SOLitude team in July 2018 after working as a Research Biologist.

    William is a certified divemaster. On the weekends, he helps teach diving courses.

    Contact William

    Elijah McBride

    Aquatic Biologist

    Elijah McBride

    Elijah “Eli” McBride is an Aquatic Biologist who regularly works with clients to develop and implement customized aquatic management plans. He is responsible for ensuring their long-term freshwater goals are exceeded. He is experienced using proactive tools and sustainable technologies to maintain the health and balance of lakes, ponds and preserves in Jacksonville, FL.

    Eli earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Delta State University before joining the SOLitude team in March 2019. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, working out, spending time at the beach and playing music.

    Contact Elijah

    Ethan Baldwin 


    Ethan Baldwin

    Ethan Baldwin is a Botanist who is dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of lakes, ponds and wetlands. He regularly interfaces with community managers and property owners to help ensure their freshwater goals are achieved. He is experienced in many facets of aquatic management, including plant identification, water quality sampling, nutrient management and more.

    Ethan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Botany from the University of Florida. He joined the SOLitude team in July 2019.

    In his spare time, he enjoys maintaining aquariums, gardening and hiking

    Contact Ethan

    Paul Dolce 

    Aquatic Biologist

    Paul Dolce

    Paul Dolce is an Aquatic Biologist who works with clients to make sure their aquatic management goals are exceeded. He is experienced in the identification of native and invasive plant species and specializes in devising management plans that restore the balance and beauty of lakes, ponds and wetlands.

    Paul earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the State University of New York (SUNY) Cortland. Prior to joining the SOLitude team in April 2019, he worked for New York State Parks. Paul is a licensed aquatic pesticide applicator.

    Outside of work, Paul enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

    Contact Paul

    Rob Finnick

    Aquatic Specialist 

    Robert Finnick Rob Finnick is an Aquatic Specialist focused on maintaining lasting relationships with clients by achieving their long-term aquatic management goals. He takes pride in his ability to build relationships based on a foundation of mutual respect and understanding. In addition to being a knowledgeable and attentive resource for stakeholders, Rob is experienced in all facets of lake, pond and wetland management.

    Rob studied Environmental Science at the University of Florida. He is a Master Naturalist and serves on the Board of Directors for the North American Sarracenia Conservancy. He’s also an Associate instructor at the University of Florida. Prior to joining the SOLitude team in 2014, he served as Directorate of Emergency Services for the US Army.

    Outside of work, Rob spends as much time as possible with his wife and son. They enjoy hunting, fishing, going to the beach, camping, and maintaining aquariums. They also like to travel the country to visit sites that are relevant to natural history, such as aquariums, zoos, and national and state parks.

    Contact Rob

    Eduardo Morales

    Aquatic Specialist 

    Eduardo Morales

    Eduardo Morales is an Aquatic Specialist who focuses on managing lakes, ponds and wetlands using sustainable tools and practices. He is experienced in nuisance plant eradication and water quality management. Prior to joining the SOLitude team in 2018, Eduardo studied Agricultural Sciences at the Universidad de Puerto Rico.

    In his free time, Eduardo enjoys making new friends, creating music in the studio and spending time at the beach or hiking.

    Contact Eduardo

    Thomas Dedes

    Aquatic Specialist 

    Thomas Dedes

    Thomas Dedes is an Aquatic Specialist who focuses on helping clients identify and achieve their lake and pond management goals. He is experienced at aquatic plant management and water quality restoration. He is a licensed pest control applicator.

    Thomas studied Biology at Florida State College of Jacksonville. He joined the SOLitude team in June 2019 after gaining experience in the pest control industry.

    Outside of work, Thomas enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also likes to fish as time allows.

    Contact Thomas

    Josh Lamach

    Aquatic Specialist 

    Joshua Lamach

    Josh Lamach is an Aquatic Specialist who implements aquatic management plans for clients in Jacksonville. He is experienced in aquatic weed and algae management using sustainable tools and technologies. He specializes in maintaining equipment, training colleagues, and aiding in daily operations.

    Josh is a licensed FDACS commercial applicator and earned his associate’s degree at Florida State College of Jacksonville.

    Outside of work, Josh spends as much time as possible with friends and family

    Contact Josh

    Bill Ashwell

    Aquatic Specialist 

    Bill Ashwell

    Bill Ashwell is an Aquatic Specialist who focuses on maintaining the health and aesthetics of freshwater ecosystems for clients in Jacksonville, FL. He specializes in implementing sustainable solutions that promote balanced aquatic environments. He is also a knowledgeable resource who regularly assists clients as they consider their lake and pond management goals.

    Bill studied at Delta State University before joining the SOLitude team in July 2019. Outside of work, he enjoys working out and spending as much time as possible with his family.   

    Contact Bill

    Joe Gaines

    Aquatic Specialist 


    Joe Gaines is an Aquatic Specialist who serves clients in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. He joined the SOLitude team in 2019 to provide a high level of environmental expertise and service to homeowners associations, municipalities and private property owners. He has a strong work ethic and a great sense of professionalism - and takes pride in his role in protecting the health and balance of our precious freshwater ecosystems.

    Previously, Joe built a successful career around his passion Taekwondo. He earned a Master Certification in the art and study of this martial art in Kukkiwon, Seoul Korea. He has owned and operated martial arts schools in Georgia and Florida, and even seved as a coach with USA Taekwondo, the governing body for the International Olympic Committee. In addition to this passion, Joe also enjoys learning new things, such as guitar and video production.

    Contact Joe

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