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    Your Full-Service Lake Management Team

    Meet The Central Florida Leadership Team

    North FL | Northwest FL | West FL Southwest FL 
    Southeast FL 
    | South FL | Aeration | Wetlands


    Gary Ribbink

    Regional Director:
    Northern and Central FL

    gary ribbink

    Gary Ribbink is a Regional Director who leads teams in SOLitude’s Sanford, Winter Garden, and Jacksonville offices. He began managing lakes, ponds and wetlands in Florida in 1984 and has excelled in many roles throughout his tenure at SOLitude. He is passionate about resolving freshwater imbalances and wants his clients to know he is up for any aquatic management challenge--and will not rest until it has been resolved.

    Gary was born-and-raised in Dayton, OH. In 1972, he enlisted in the United States Navy, during which he served as a radiation worker and nuclear power plant operator on fast attack and fleet ballistic missile nuclear submarines. Throughout this time, he gained valuable experience with water chemistry training, testing, and control. He worked his way up to become a supervisor and 2nd Class Petty Officer before being honorably discharged after six years.

    From there, Gary moved to Florida where he earned his Associate of Arts degree from Seminole Community College. Before joining SOLitude, he worked in water plant operations for the City of Deerfield Beach.

    Contact Gary

    Josh McGarry

    Regional Sales Manager  

    josh mcgarryJosh McGarry is a Regional Sales Manager who helps oversee business development efforts across SOLitude’s Sarasota and Sun City territories. He enjoys helping and educating clients, developing his team, and speaking at industry conferences. He is passionate about supporting his colleagues and being a good steward to the environment by restoring wetlands and waterways to a natural and healthy state.

    Josh earned a Master Naturalist Certification from the University of Florida, and holds a Florida Green Best Management Practices certificate. He has more than 10 years of experience working with SOLitude.

    Josh was born-and-raised in Aurora, NY, in the Finger Lakes region.

    Contact Josh

    Dan Hunt

    District Manager

    dan huntDan Hunt is a District Manager with more than 25 years of experience managing lakes and ponds across central Florida. Dan has extensive knowledge about the use of sustainable strategies to limit nuisance algae and aquatic weeds, including biological applications, Triploid Grass Carp and tilapia stocking, and floating fountain and submersed aeration installation. Since 2008, Dan has served as leader of SOLitude’s central Florida office and currently oversees more than 300 client relationships. Before joining the SOLitude team, Dan focused on improving waterbody aesthetics by designing decorative fountains and Koi ponds for clients in Arizona.

    Outside of work, Dan likes to motorcycle, fish and hunt. He’s also an active member of the American Legion, a wartime veteran's organization.  

    Contact Dan

    Errol Walsh

    Assistant District Manager

    errol walshErrol Walsh is an Assistant District Manager serving clients in Orlando and the surrounding Florida region. Errol helps clients develop sustainable lake and pond management plans with a focus on preserving native plant and animal species. Errol is experienced in invasive aquatic plant and nuisance algae treatments using cutting-edge Integrated Pest Management strategies.

    Prior to joining the SOLitude team, Errol was a successful entrepreneur and business owner in the landscaping industry. He was also the co-founder of The Bean House Café, which he started in Boston with his brothers. He helped expand the company into three locations before finding his passion in aquatics.

    Outside of work, Errol enjoys supporting his two teenage daughters. His older daughter is active on her high school cheer team and his youngest is an avid soccer player who participates on a traveling club team. Errol spends his spare time fishing, hunting and working on home improvement projects.   

    Contact Errol

    Josh Taylor

    Service Manager
    Aquatic Biologist

    josh taylor

    Josh Taylor is an Aquatic Biologist and Service Manager responsible for ensuring SOLitude’s clients receive exceptional water quality management services. He is passionate about making sure the lake and pond goals of his customers are achieved using the most natural tools and solutions as possible.

    Josh has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida. In addition, he successfully completed the USCS/USAMT Airboat Operator Certification Course.

    Josh was born-and-raised in Central Florida and has been a valuable member of the SOLitude team for more than 10 years.

    Contact Josh

    Alan Wilson 

    Service Manager
    Aquatic Biologist

    alan wilson

    Alan Wilson is a Service Manager and Microbiologist/Fisheries Scientist who helps maintain aquatic ecosystems using proactive lake, pond and wetland management strategies. He plays a valuable role by managing projects and interfacing with clients. He joined the SOlitude team in 2013.

    Outside of work, Alan enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with family.

    Contact Alan

    Carl Abinuman

    Assistant Regional Manger
    Video Ambassador

    carl abinuman

    Carl Abinuman is an Assistant Regional Manager and SOLitude Video Ambassador who oversees projects in Orlando and Sanford, FL. He ensures his clients waterbodies are well cared for by regularly performing vegetation removal, buffer management, aeration installation and other proactive strategies. He also specializes in the identification and management of nuisance algae and harmful cyanobacteria.

    Carl joined the SOLitude team in April 2018. In addition to his environmental expertise, he still maintains connections with the Navy as a member of the Veterans Club of Celebration, FL and as a part-time Navy construction mechanic. He performs maintenance and repair for a variety of tactical vehicles and industrial equipment.

    Carl is a married dad of two young boys. He trains in Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts Celebration three times a week and enjoys photography and videography. His wife is a Disney Cast Member and his family visits the parks quite often.

    Contact Carl

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