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Benefits Behind the Bubbles: Aeration + NEW Tech

Join us as our experts discuss the benefits of aeration and which system is the best fit for your lake or pond. Don’t miss the new innovation announcement from our special guest speaker! 

May 12, 2021 2:00 pm EDT

Benefits Behind the Bubbles: Aeration + NEW Tech

May 12 at 2 PM (EDT)

Oxygen is a fundamental component of healthy lakes and ponds. It sustains aquatic life, prevents water quality deterioration, and helps maintain harmony throughout the ecosystem. By harnessing the power of dissolved oxygen, you can begin cultivating a waterbody that aligns with your unique vision. 

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how oxygen imbalances may be manifesting in your waterbody and which advanced fountain and aeration solutions can help correct these issues. You’ll also engage with industry-leading experts, including our guest speaker who is announcing an entirely new oxygenation saturation technology at this event. You can’t miss it!

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Meet Your Experts

chris bryne bio headshot 3Chris Byrne, Aquatic Specialist & Business Development Consultant

Chris is a freshwater management expert who regularly works with community associations, businesses, and property owners to identify and resolve their lake and pond challenges. Since he joined the SOLitude team in 1998, Chris has watched the lake management industry evolve with new technologies and innovations that prioritize the health of aquatic ecosystems. He is extremely knowledgeable about fundamental management practices, as well as modern tools like floating fountains, submersed diffusers, and oxygen saturation technologies. Chris earned his license in Aquatics and Natural Areas Weed Control and is a member of the Florida Lake Management Society (FLMS).


Todd Barhydt headshot bio colleague

Todd Barhydt, Aquatic Biologist & District Manager

Todd is a veteran of the lake management industry with more than 25 years of knowledge and expertise. He specializes in the maintenance of delicate aquatic ecosystems using sustainable solutions whenever possible. Todd’s passion for environmental preservation is evident in his relationships with stakeholders. He enjoys educating his clients about the ecological and financial benefits of natural and proactive management strategies and working with them to achieve their long-term waterbody goals. Todd earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science from Kutztown University.



patrick-goodwin headshot bio colleague

Patrick Goodwin, Aquatic Resource Scientist & Certified Lake Manager (Vertex Aquatic Systems)

Patrick is an Aquatic Resource Scientist who earned his Master of Science in Lake Management from the State University of New York College at Oneonta. As an elite NALMS Certified Lake Manager, he is a recognized national authority on sustainable lake restoration technologies including nutrient reduction, water quality improvement, lake aeration design, and cyanobacteria management. Patrick is the former President and now Director of the Northeast Chapter of the Florida Lake Management Society (FLMS) and is widely viewed as one of the industry’s top experts.