WEBINAR: How to Create a Living Shoreline and Stop Erosion Q&A with Our Industry Experts


Following our recent educational webinar on erosion control solutions and shoreline management, our experts reviewed and discussed questions from our audience. There were so many great questions we just couldn’t get to! Watch the video below to hear their answers and learn more about erosion control solutions and shoreline management.

Did you miss the erosion control webinar? Watch the recording here

Use the video timestamps below to hear the answer to your specific question.

  • 0:47 – What material is used to fill the SOX?
  • 2:18 – How do you decide when the material can be used from the lake or not? Is it related to quality or quantity?

  • 4:20 – What kind of permits need to be obtained for shoreline stabilization? Does the SOX product meet regulatory requirements?

  • 7:22 – Is the SOX system suitable for northern climates? Will it stand up to ice?

  • 8:19 – Can the SOX system be used in a preventative function rather than restoration?

  • 9:55 – Does the SOX system stay in place permanently?

  • 10:48 – If we have invested a lot of money into vegetation along the shoreline, with the SOX system, can we salvage it?

  • 13:46 – If you plant bullrush or marsh grasses, along the shoreline then how can you be confident that they won’t grow out into the lake, turning the lake into a marsh?

  • 15:25 – Is there a water quality concern with using dredged material to fill the SOX? Does it stir up phosphorus?

  • 17:48 – How deep do the stakes go for the SOX systems and what are they made of? And what happens to the stakes and rope over time? 

  • 21:56 – Will the SOX material allow drainage pipes to be placed through it?

  • 24:02 – Do you do plantings that extend into the water and not just on the shoreline?

  • 26:20 – After the life of the product can a new SOX system be installed over the old one, or would it need to be removed and replaced?

  • 27:30 – How well does the sock hold up to the wakes caused by water sport boat traffic (water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing)?

  • 29:38 – Is SOX biodegradable? How safe is it for the environment?

  • 31:31 – My erosion is on a hill that is very rocky with lots of clay. Would one first put down topsoil and place the sox material over it to hold it in place?

  • 33:03 – Can Armored Catfish burrow under the SOX?

  • 35:53 – Are there good vegetative plants that can survive flooding most of the year?

  • 37:00 – When you have a pond that is fed by natural springs would vegetation be preferred over SOX, or does it not matter?

  • 38:59 – Can the land behind the SOX erode over time?

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