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before and afterThe new nanobubble technology is designed to naturally improve water quality by exceeding the oxygenation capabilities of aeration systems. Nanobubbles are produced by an on-shore gas transfer mechanism that creates  ultra-fine bubbles that are nearly invisible to the eye; in fact, at less than 1 micrometer, they are about 400 times smaller in diameter than human hair and 1 million times smaller than ordinary bubbles. This new technology saturates water with up to 79,000x more oxygen than aeration and helps mitigate excess nutrients and harmful toxins.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving nanobubble treatments.

Controlling Algae with Nanobubbles | Bonita Springs, FL

before  after

This an apartment and condo complex located in Centreville, VA. The property contains two stormwater facilities designed to help collect and filter the rainwater that falls onto the impervious surfaces of the more

Controlling Algae with Nanobubbles | Bonita Springs, FL


This site is a large planned community within a Community Development District in Bonita Springs, FL. There are approximately 1,821 acres within the CDD. The community includes several golf courses, recreational areas, and over 50 more

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