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    Algae Control at Virginia Community Pond
    Annual Management Program Case Study

    Location and Acreage:
    Dulles, VA | 0.2-Acres

    Project Timeframe: 

    Project Manager:
    David Reidl, Environmental Scientist and Regional Leader

    Site Description:
    This community’s pond is a stormwater management facility in northern Virginia near Dulles International Airport. The pond is over 20 years old and receives stormwater run-off from the neighboring communities. In recent years, the pond has been experiencing more severe and frequent filamentous algae blooms, most likely due to the pond’s age and accumulation of sediment and nutrients over time. Although the pond is not a main focal point of the community, numerous houses back up to the pond and several people use it to fish (so keeping the pond looking good throughout the year is a high priority).

    Scope of Work:
    During an annual maintenance service visit on June 14, 2017, a heavy bloom of filamentous algae was observed. The growth was mainly around the perimeter and covered roughly 40% of the pond’s surface.

    Heavy Filamentous Algae Bloom    Algae-Free Waterbody

    Project Description:
    The algal assemblage was thick and dense resembling Pithophora (although no algae ID was performed), therefore it was determined that a EPA registered aquatic herbicide would be the optimal management tool to use given its affinity to “infuse” into tougher algal species. The product was applied via backpack sprayer directly onto the algae mats. No other products were used to prevent any potential “burning” of buffer vegetation. The following visit on June 29, 2017 revealed no algae visually present in the pond and all buffer vegetation was healthy. The community manager and residents were very happy and pleased that the pond no longer looked “scummy.”  This pond will be placed on an annual Phoslock 
    application program to mitigate the nutrients responsible for promoting such algae blooms in the future.

    Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control
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