Success Stories And Case Studies


SOLitude Lake Management is pleased to offer various case studies and success stories highlighting some of the innovative lake, pond, wetland and fisheries management solutions we offer to aquatic property owners.

We invite you to browse through the success stories below or contact us to learn how our innovative lake and pond management services can benefit you.

Case Studies and Success Stories by Service

Pond Aeration Diffusers

Aeration, Fountains, and Nanobubble Technology

Annual Management Program

Aquatic Weed and Algae Control

Pond Waterfall Feature

Architectural Fountains and Waterfalls


Buffer Management


Erosion Control and Shoreline Restoration

fisheries management

Fisheries Management

Lake Mapping and Bathymetry

Large Lake Management

hydro-rake-jamie-cote-virginia-beach (23)

Mechanical Harvesting / Hydro-Raking

Nuisance and Invasive Species Control

Nutrient Remediation

wetlands_Phragmites 2

Phragmites Management

Reservoir Management

stormwater inspection lake and pond management - stormwater drain - rock wall - regulatory permitting

Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance and Inspections

Water Quality

Will Stevenson_Fall 2019_Lake Champlian_wetlands

Wetland Management

Case Studies and Success Stories by Markets

summer-cambria-at-cornerstone apartments-virginia-beach-VA (1)

Apartments / Multifamily

stormwater inspection lake and pond management - john phelps DE - community hoa - 19

Communities / HOA's

Consultants and Engineers

Corporate Campuses

golf course lake

Golf Courses

Fishing Clubs

Municipalities / Parks and Recreation

community fountain

Private Landowners

Public and Private Schools

fall pond photo Beaver Creek Reservoir_Cville_10.14_AaronC_c

Reservoirs / Drinking Water

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