SonicSolutions: Lake And Pond Algae Control

Chemical-Free And Environmentally Sound

SOLitude is always on the lookout for technological advances to help preserve and restore ecological balance to aquatic environments. SonicSolutions Algae Control is the perfect example of such a lake and pond management innovation. SonicSolutions Algae Control is a state-of-the-art, ultrasonic algae control device that gets rid of algae without harming other aquatic life.

The SonicSolutions Algae Control unit floats just below the water’s surface and kills algae by producing a precise frequency of ultrasonic waves that disrupts and destroys the cellular functioning and structure of the algae.

SonicSolutions Algae Control is easy to use and is safe for all fish, plants and other aquatic life. It can even help lower pH and TSS. This system is a safer and more cost-effective water treatment than chemical algaecides for pools, reservoirs, fish and farm ponds, lakes, lagoons, tanks and many other water management applications.

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