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    Advantages of Pond and GPS Lake Mapping

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Nov 30, 2009

    kyle_mapping_in_charleston_scDo you own or maintain property with a natural or man-made body of water? No matter where you live, or what time of year, if you enjoy nature you no doubt try to take in leisurely strolls around the area lakes. While ponds and lakes offer an aesthetic beauty to any tract of land, it's important to make certain the water and surrounding areas are properly cleaned and maintained. This means more than just picking up discarded trash around the border and checking for insects and waterfowl. One must go deeper - literally and figuratively. GPS lake mapping can help.

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    Topics: Lake Mapping and Bathymetry

    Dredging Your Pond: Planning for the Big Dig

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Aug 13, 2009

    By Terry Owens, Environmental Scientist and Kimberly Niesel, CMCA, Director of Marketing

    3D_lake_mapping_contour_bathymetric_sedimentation_mapsIf your community has a lake or pond, it may have crossed your mind that dredging will be needed at some point. Hopefully your community has had a professional reserve study performed which includes funds allocated to a future dredging project. If you have reviewed this line item, you may see that it is one of the most costly projects that a community will ever undergo. Still, you may find that even though funds have been allocated, these funds may not be adequate to cover the scope of work needed. In order to prepare for the “big dig” that may be around the corner, here are a couple of tips to prolong the time needed between dredging projects:

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    Topics: Aeration, Lake Mapping and Bathymetry, Biological Augmentation

    Planning For Your Pond's Future

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jul 16, 2009

    Lake_Mapping_Contour_Map_cMany homeowners, association managers, and even pond management professionals spend time and resources each year maintaining their storm water retention ponds and dealing with the immediate problems such as algae, nuisance aquatic weeds, poor water quality, etc. It seems that far fewer people allocate time or resources to the future planning and budgeting necessary to deal with potentially even more significant issues that might arise with these ponds.

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    Topics: Pond Management Best Practices, Lake Mapping and Bathymetry

    Winter On Our Lakes & Ponds

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jul 12, 2009

    Winter_fountain_at_Ashely_Ridge_3.25.14_cWinter is a wonderful time to make some improvements to your lake or pond that will pay huge dividends next spring. It is the perfect time to sit down and evaluate the problems from the previous year, and devise an annual lake management plan to mitigate those problems for the coming year. Most aquatic resource problems can be dealt with most effectively when they are addressed early in the spring, before they have a chance to get out of control.

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    Topics: Pond Management Best Practices, Lake Mapping and Bathymetry, Seasonal Pond Tips