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    What Do I Plant Around My Pond?

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Aug 05, 2009

    By Gregory Blackham, Aquatic Specialist

    Pickerelweed_buffer_VA_Beach_Office_b_6.19.14_cYou’ve decided you want to add some color and definition around your pond. You also know that creating a vegetative buffer around your precious water resource is vital on many levels. Attracting a variety of waterfowl and other wildlife is desirable also. There are so many advantages to having vegetation, but the question is…What do you plant?

    Selecting plants is a lot more difficult when a body of water is involved. There are additional considerations that have to be taken. Erosion control has to be of utmost importance.

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    Topics: Pond Management Best Practices, Buffer Management

    In the Buff: Vegetation Management

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jul 26, 2009

    By Industry Expert David Ellison, Aquatic Biologist

    buffer_management_6Shoreline vegetative buffer zones are important areas along the perimeter of your pond that will provide multiple benefits. Certain plants are chosen and plants needing moisture are placed at the shore to upland dry plants along the land side edge of the buffer. Reducing nutrient runoff entering the pond, stabilizing the pond back, and providing shelter for many animals are some of the benefits of having a buffer zone. Establishing a vegetation management plan is important for the overall health of your pond. 

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    Topics: Pond Management Best Practices, Buffer Management