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Back to Basics: Monitoring the Structure of Your Stormwater Pond

January 19th, 2021

Written by: Shannon Junior, Ecologist & Sr. Business Development Consultant Lakes and ponds can be amazing focal points of our communities. People are innately drawn to water, and local waterbodies create natural spaces to enjoy a morning run, an afternoon walk with the dog, or a neighborhood social event. Many communities that I work with […]

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Stormwater Management: Key Points to Passing an Inspection

July 10th, 2017

Written by Industry Expert Trent Nelson, Aquatic Specialist Stormwater management facilities are man-made structures that help reduce flooding, slow down water flow and clean pollutants from water. It is important to ensure that your stormwater management facilities are functioning properly, especially when it rains. Stormwater inspections can vary depending on the state and even municipality […]

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Pond Inspections and Bathymetric Studies

May 8th, 2014

Stormwater pond inspection and pond maintenance requirements vary from state to state and municipality to municipality. When a pond was constructed may also play a role in which stormwater regulations apply. The objective of these inspections, maintenance, and regulatory requirements are to ensure that stormwater ponds are functioning as designed, which is to collect pollutants, […]

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Another Facet Of Pond Maintenance: Structure

December 19th, 2012

  By Industry Expert Shannon Junior,¬†Aquatic Ecologist The staff members of SOLitude Lake Management that service your ponds throughout the year under an Annual Lake Management Contract are an educated and experienced group of professional ecologists, biologists, and environmental specialists.¬†We are highly qualified to assess and maintain the aesthetic and ecological integrity of your aquatic […]

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