Which Dredging or Sediment Removal Option Is Best for My Waterbody?

November 14th, 2018

Written by Industry Expert Lance Dohman, Regional Manager  Virtually all explanations of dredging include the physical scooping up of underwater sand and clay sediments to enhance a merchant ship’s access to a port or waterway. If these waterways become inaccessible, the economic consequences are far reaching. Today, however, massive algal blooms, animal fatalities from toxic […]

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Dredging Alternative: Hydro-raking to Increase Stormwater Pond Depth

July 31st, 2017

Written by Industry Expert Emily Walsh, Environmental Scientist As communities continue to expand and infrastructure is heightened, stormwater management is becoming a crucial element in neighborhood planning. Oftentimes, community developers incorporate stormwater retention ponds into their plans to help control runoff during significant rain events. Retention or stormwater ponds look similar to natural ponds, except […]

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