SonicSolutions: An Innovative Way to Control Pond Algae

August 28th, 2014

By Industry Expert Dave Ellison, Aquatic Biologist 

sonicSolutions3Lake managers and homeowners are often striving for an environmentally friendly or green approach to treat their lake or pond with minimal impact to fish and other wildlife. Excessive pond algae growth is one the more common issues encountered and when left untreated can be difficult to manage. There are some management options that are environmentally friendly and ultrasonic algae control is one possible option.

There are a large number of algae species and they all have a different structure, some of which are a thick cell wall, mucus layer coating the cells, and different cell shapes. All of these are contributing factors in the growth of algae and finding a way to break the cell will result in successfull pond algae control.

Research has shown that ultrasonic wavelengths can be successful in lysing or breaking the vacuoles or gas vesicles in the cell wall and thus eliminating further growth by the cell. Utilizing a device that emits various sound wavelengths will result in breaking the gas vesicle of different algae species. The breaking of the gas vesicles works in a similar manner where an opera singer can potentially break a glass by reaching the correct pitch. When the cell is broken some algae will sink to the bottom and prevent the cells from photosynthesizing due to the lake of sunlight. Other algae species can have the cells contract after breaking of the vesicles, preventing absorption of nutrients vital for growth.

Pond_Algae Wavelengths emitted by ultrasonic control devices such as the SonicSolutions algae control device are inaudible and only impact algae. Many highly susceptible species will quickly be impacted by ultrasonic wavelengths and the lake or pond will clear rather quickly. Harder to control species can take 30 to 60 days, but will result in control. Often the pond can remain clear if the device is left in the water to run 24 hours a day, with any new algae growth being rectified quickly due to the constant presence of the sonic wavelengths.

One of the big advantages of using a SonicSolutions device for algae control is the low environmental impact. These devices can be run off 120v power and use very little electricity keeping power bills very low. Trials have shown the device to have no impact on fish or wildlife. Maintaining the devices is quite easy and requires monthly cleaning to have the devices working at their best.

SonicSolutions algae control units can be used in the smallest ponds with a single unit to larger lakes containing multiple units. The units will control a large number of algae species with very few species unaffected by the device. Utilizing a SonicSolutions algae control device should be considered one of multiple tools in establishing an algae control plan for your lake or pond. 

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