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    SOLitude Supports Children, Veterans Through Camp Grom Contributions

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jul 11, 2018


    SOLitude Lake Management is dedicated to making water a more healthy and beautiful part of our world and works alongside property owners, municipalities and communities across the nation to ensure their aquatic resources are properly protected. SOLitude also supports our country’s charitable and non-profit organizations whose needs coincide with the company’s quest to create a better tomorrow through the restoration of lakes and ponds. Backed by SOLitude’s internal volunteering and community outreach program, The SOLution, SOLitude and various industry partners are able to donate equipment and staff resources towards the improvement of waterbodies used for recreational activities that benefit underprivileged children, military personnel and disabled individuals.

    This past year, SOLitude’s outreach efforts assisted JT’s YMCA Camp Grom, a 70-acre, beach-style adventure camp designed to welcome everyone, including wounded veterans, families of the fallen and adults and children with ALS, disabilities or special needs. The East Coast adventure camp, located in Virginia Beach, VA, was conceptualized and funded by philanthropic the group, Virginia Gentlemen Foundation. In addition to hosting an athletic field, wheel-chair accessible trails, and a rehab resistance pool, the camp wanted to establish a multi-purpose lake designed for wakeboarding, fishing, swimming and fitness activities.


    SOLitude stepped up to help create the lake of every adventurer’s dreams. To circulate and oxygenate the waterbody, SOLitude installed a submersed diffused aeration system donated by Vertex Water Features. Aeration can benefit the lake in many ways. Increased oxygen levels can prevent fish kills and make the aquatic habitat more hospitable to native plants and wildlife. The resulting circulation can help reduce stagnant water and smelly odors. The system may also help convert excess pond nutrients to forms that do not grow algae or nuisance weeds, helping to maintain the lake’s beautiful appearance and lower long-term maintenance costs.

    SOLitude’s Fisheries division also stocked 240 Largemouth Bass and 500 Redear Sunfish in the lake. The contribution of appropriate fish cover, donated by Mossback Fish Habitat, will help encourage the longevity of their populations. Likewise, an automatic fish feeder donated by MB Ranch King was installed alongside the waterbody in hopes of establishing a productive, reliable fishing spot for children and their families. Stocked with a year of food donated by Optimal Fishfood, the feeder will help create a foundation of big, healthy fish.    


    Educational signage describing the benefits of lake and pond management, aeration, fish stocking and more are located throughout the property. The signage serves as a reminder of the responsibility we all have to preserve and protect our aquatic resources.

    The lake officially opened for use during Camp Grom’s launch in June 2018. It is currently operated by the YMCA of Hampton Roads, VA. As part of SOLitude’s donation, Camp Grom will benefit from an annual lake management program for a total of five years, ensuring the beauty and safety of the waterbody. In total, SOLitude and partners contributed more than $50,000 in goods and in-kind services to Camp Grom.

    “After years of planning and building, we are excited to officially open JT’s YMCA Camp Grom and offer an exciting new adventure camp to the Virginia Beach community," said Andrew Yancey, Chairman of The Virginia Gentlemen Foundation. "Our goal for JT’s YMCA Camp Grom is that campers will go home with a new sense of self-discovery, independence and confidence, feeling empowered by improving their quality of life.”

    Since SOLitude’s community outreach program was started in 2012, the company has donated more than $296,531 in goods and in-kind services and contributed 10,937 volunteer hours to our local communities across the country.

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