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    260 Families Receive Turkeys, Gift Cards Through Little GOBBLERs

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Nov 20, 2017

    The SOLution

    This holiday season, SOLitude Lake Management continues its company-wide community outreach program, Little GOBBLERs, which helps families across the country celebrate Thanksgiving with food and donations.

    An industry leader in lake, pond and wetland management, fisheries management and related environmental services, SOLitude donated $6,300 in turkeys and grocery store gift cards to under-resourced families located in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News and Charlottesville, VA; Raleigh, NC; Murfreesboro, TN; Tiger, GA; Jackson, MS; Denver, CO; Herne, Bullard and Houston, TX; West Grove, PA; Lincoln, DE; Whitinsville, MA; Fort Plain, NY; Danbury, CT; and Oxford, NJ.

    The SOLution

    SOLitude worked with elementary, middle and high schools in each of these regions to identify families in need. School principals and guidance counselors collected the donated items from SOLitude on behalf of the families and ensured they were distributed appropriately.

    “The gift cards will be distributed to families who are struggling and will make a real impact,” said Bob Magnuson, Chief School Administrator for New Jersey’s Oxford Township School District. “This donation is very generous and very much appreciated.”

    In 2016, SOLitude provided goods and donations for 228 families, a 50 percent increase from the previous year. This Thanksgiving, SOLitude has reached its company goal of serving 260 families. Since the inception of the program, SOLitude has donated $21,300 and helped 995 children and families have a happier Thanksgiving!

    “We are fortunate to have resources that can be used to serve our local communities through the Little GOBBLERs program,” said Tracy Fleming, SOLitude's Director of Marketing. “We are humbled by this opportunity to help families in need celebrate Thanksgiving and spend quality time with their loved ones.”

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    Little GOBBLERs is one of several initiatives of The SOLution, a company-wide program that encourages the company and all employees to strive to “create a better world” through volunteerism, community outreach, sustainability and environmental consciousness. SOLitude’s company leadership feels it is important to not only be good stewards of the environment, but also to fulfill company core values to “take action and be accountable” and to “protect and respect nature.” 

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