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    Pond Management: Creating Great Lakes

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 24, 2014

    AS SEEN IN Coastal Virginia Magazine, January 2014


    Like many residents of Coastal Virginia, Kevin Tucker describes himself as an outdoors person. “I love surfing, rafting, hiking and camping,” he says. “And I like to protect my own passions.” In order to do this, Tucker started SOLitude Lake Management, a Virginia Beach based water protection company, in 1998. He says he saw an unmet demand for the management of freshwater lakes, ponds and stormwater. Today, his staff of environmental scientists and biologists use GPS lake mapping, comprehensive studies, water quality testing, etc. to preserve an ecological balance for public and private clients.

    Tucker says a big part of this management is plant species control. A recent SOLitude project tasking him with controlling the Phragmite plant population plaguing Fisherman’s Island National Wildlife Refuge on the Eastern Shore. These non-native plants were suffocating the natural vegetation and called for using aquatically safe herbicide through helicopter and hand based applications. Tucker said projects like these take weeks to complete with years of follow-up and maintenance.

    On a more day-to-day basis, he says much of his business comes from the management of lakes and ponds in neighborhoods and office complexes.

    “Man is tipping the water out of balance,” he says. “We are not always just treating the ponds but bringing them back to balance so they can maintain themselves.”

    SOLitude does this by using beneficial vegetation, aeration systems to add oxygen and, most importantly, says Tucker, educating the community or client about management of water quality.

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