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AquaControl Evolution Series

Accessible And Affordable Aeration

aquacontrollogoAs an industry leader in lake and pond management, SOLitude Lake Management is proud to offer a wide range of lake fountains and pond aeration systems for you to choose from. AquaControl lake fountains provide a lake and pond aeration solution that is both effective and attractive.

The Evolution Series

The Evolution Series fountain was developed from three basic ideas: simple to assemble and maintain, low cost to operate and patterns that look great. This evolution of ideas brought about a fountain that has four main parts (float, suction screen, throat and motor), a cost to operate of approximately five cents per hour, and spray patterns that rival most large-scale fountains. Along the way we built in another important aspect: quality. We feel that the high quality plastics, stainless steel motor and fasteners used in the Evolution Series fountain will give many years of reliable service.

Features and Benefits

  • Costs of operation
    • Fountain = five cents per hour
    • Lighting = one cent per hour
  • Two-year warranty on fountain
  • Improves water clarity
  • Reduces algae blooms
  • Aerates up to 1/2 acre ponds
  • Operates in 20" of water
  • Zero maintenance motor
  • All internal ball bearings provide superior motor quality
  • One person installation
  • Fountain ships in one box
  • Made in the USA

Controller Information

  • UL Listed
  • Housed in a weatherproof enclosure
  • Plug in and go operation
  • 15 amp Class A Human Rated GFCI
  • 24-hour mechanical timer for motor
  • Photo sensor for optional lighting
  • A 15 amp circuit breaker is required for proper fountain operation

What Comes in the Box?

  • 1/2 HP, 115V, single phase Floating Fountain
  • 100' or 175' motor cord
  • Two mooring stakes
  • 100' mooring rope
  • Controller
  • Tornado spray pattern

Browse the available Evolution series lake and pond fountain spray patterns below:

Download the Evolution Series Brochure

AquaControl Lake Fountains 
Height: 6’ • Width: 21’ • 60Hz
Height: 1,4m, Width: 5,2m • 50Hz

AquaControl Lake Fountains 
Height: 6’ • Width: 16’ • 60H
Height: 1,25m • Width: 2,7m • 50Hz

AquaControl Lake Fountains 
Height: 7’ • Width: 18’ • 60Hz
Height: 1,5m • Width: 3m • 50Hz

AquaControl Lake Fountains 
Height: 5.5’ • Width: 18’ • 60Hz 
Height: 1,2m • Width: 4m • 50Hz

AquaControl Lake Fountains 
Height: 7’ • Width: 15’ • 60Hz
Height: 1,5m • Width: 3,7m • 50Hz


AquaControl Lake Fountains 
Height: 6’ • Width: 15’
134 GPM • 60Hz
Height: 1,5m • Width: 3,7m 
23 M3/H • 50Hz

Not sure which AquaControl Evolution Series lake fountain is right for your lake or pond aeration needs? Ask the lake fountain experts at SOLitude Lake Management!
Find Your Fountain Solution

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