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Your Full-Service Lake Management Team

Meet The Mechanical Team

Jeff Castellani

Director of Mechanical Operations


Jeff Castellani serves as Director of Mechanical Operations at SOLitude. He leads SOLitude’s mechanical division with invasive weed control services, surveys, reports, proposals and GIS mapping. Jeff is a licensed applicator in many states across New England and maintains licensing and industry certificates for Construction Supervisor, OSHA, Qualified Rigger and Signal, as well as Boater Safety. 

Jeff is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and holds a degree in Business Studies with a concentration in Finance. He spent the first 16 years of his career in banking and worked as a branch administrator, training manager, merger and acquisition project manager, and commercial loan liaison, and eventually obtained Vice President status. In 2001, Jeff left the banking industry to pursue a new challenge and spend more time with his family. He obtained a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License, after two years of rehabilitation experience with commercial and residential properties. With a desire to excise both his intellect and body – and also work outdoors - Jeff accepted a position with his neighbor’s environmental company. His environmental and biology experience was gained both on the job and self-taught. Jeff saw an opportunity to expand the mechanical method of aquatic vegetation control and detritus management, and that evolved into his current position. He is driven by developing career paths for individuals, and providing an excellent customer experience. 

Jeff is a caring father and husband. When not at work, he likes to spend time with family and friends, freshwater fish and pursue oceanfront activities. Jeff also enjoys helping out the community by coaching his local Pop Warner and Little League teams. Not quite able to give up his financial background, he also serves as the treasurer for both youth sport Boards. Jeff values helping to develop core principles and skills in young men and women. He takes pride in any endeavor presented, and looks at each challenge as an opportunity rather than a problem.

Contact Jeff

Ray Sherwin 

Mechanical Operations Specialist

Ray_Sherwin_webRay Sherwin is a mechanical operations specialist with SOLitude Lake Management. Ray aids in lake and pond project management and uses his clever ingenuity to develop ways to improve efficiency and productivity. He is mechanically inclined, which allows him to repair and modify watercraft equipment. Ray is one of the main hydro-rake operators at SOLitude, with eight years of experience on the machine. In addition, he has obtained his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) which has proved valuable when moving heavy machinery.

Before joining SOLitude, Ray was a mechanic for thirty years. He then pursued a job as a tractor-trailer driver where he worked for seven years. After being on the road for some time he realized he wanted to settle down and change career paths, which led him to SOLitude.

Ray is a very active person, who loves to be outdoors any chance he can get. He is an avid snowmobiler, four wheeler, mountain climber and fisherman. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle in the summer. His latest hobbies include maintaining a coral reef display in his aquatic fish tank as well as mining for gem stones in Maine. 

Contact Ray

Ed Taube

Mechanical Operations Specialist

Ed_Taube_webEd Taube works in the mechanical division at SOLitude Lake Management. Ed performs an assortment of duties such as hydro-raking, harvesting and towing. He is also responsible for mechanical maintenance and repair of an array of harvesting equipment. Ed manages a large water chestnut project on Lake Champlain and conducts large aluminum sulfate applications. In addition, he has obtained his Certified Driver’s License (CDL), allowing him to tow heavy loads when needed.

Ed has been working with mechanical aquatic equipment for a total of 29 years, starting in his young teens. Throughout the years, he has exhibited a never-failing effort and a strong dedication to water quality management. Ed is well-known for his personable character and desire to exceed the objectives of a project.

Ed enjoys a wide variety of recreational activities. He spends his weekends partaking in various hobbies such as hunting, snowmobiling and fishing. If it’s outside, Ed’s there! 

Contact Ed

Matthew Lafrennie

Mechanical Operations Specialist

Matt_LaFrennie_webMatt Lafrennie specializes in mechanical project management on lakes and ponds. Matt, often referred to as “Mr. Fix it,” has a wide span of mechanical knowledge that he utilizes to maintain and repair SOLitude watercraft, trailers and trucks. With five years of hydro-rake project experience, Matt is a highly skilled operator and takes great pride in his work. He is often traveling for days or weeks at a time. “Reliability” and “trust” are two words often associated with Matt, which is evident through his dedication and hard work.

Prior to working with SOLiitude Lake Management, Matt worked for Quality Control in the plastics industry where he made general plastic concentrates. He later pursued a job in masonry, where he created a multitude of things such as brick walls and elevator shafts. After about a year working in masonry, Matt followed his desire to work outdoors which led him to his position with SOLitude.

Growing up with four siblings and numerous foster siblings, Matt is a very sociable person. He enjoys spending afternoons with his four children and three grandchildren. In his free time, he likes to go fishing, relax by the ocean and walk his dog, Princess Sophia Margaret.

Contact Matt

Emily Walsh

Environmental Scientist

Emily_Walsh_web2Emily Walsh is an Environmental Scientist who assists SOLitude’s mechanical division with invasive weed control services, surveys, reports, proposals and GIS mapping. She is passionate about restoring ecological resilience within ecosystems and takes a special interest in increasing biodiversity within wetland communities while minimizing adverse effects on the environment. She is currently licensed to apply pesticides in two states and has experience in terrestrial invasive species applications, particularly Common Reed and Japanese Knotweed, along with aquatic nuisance vegetation applications.

Emily graduated in 2015 from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) with a degree in Environmental Conservation and a concentration in management. Throughout her studies at UNH, she was a member of the Xi Sigma Pi National Forestry Honor Society. Some of the community outreach events included organizing fundraisers, tutoring fourth graders on Friday afternoons and trash clean-ups. Emily also partook in a semester abroad program in New Zealand where she learned about topics including aquatic and terrestrial eco-system dynamics, forest ecology, sustainability and extraction. Her studies included a separate direct research project of the skink populations, which was later presented to the Department of Conservation. Prior to working at SOLitude, Emily was involved with the Environmental Health and Safety Department for Saint-Gobain (Worcester, MA) and was responsible for safety training lectures and environmental auditing.

Growing up on a lake in a small rural town in Massachusetts, Emily has always been an environmental enthusiast. Whether it’s hiking in the backwoods, diving into the water or camping on an island, she always loves spending time outdoors. She also enjoys being active and meeting new people whenever possible.  

Contact Emily

Keith Wilson, Jr.

Mechanical Operations Specialist

Keith_Wilson_2_webKeith Wilson assists in the mechanical division of waterbody management. Working as a mechanical operations specialist, Keith spends the majority of his time repairing and maintaining the field equipment such as harvesters, hydro-rakes, trucks and trailers. He is also a qualified hydro-rake operator and holds an OSHA 40-hour HASWOPER certificate. 

Keith has always had a knack for knowledge, learning how to construct buildings with his grandfather when he was just eight years old. As he grew older he moved into the construction business where he built houses for twenty years. Later in life, he decided it was time for change which led him to the mechanical division of SOLitude.

If Keith has any free time, it is spent with his twenty nieces and nephews. If not surrounded by them, he is spending his time hand crafting toys for them to play with. He also enjoys reading, which is his main form of relaxation.  

Contact Keith

Craig Lyman 

Mechanical Operations Specialist

Craig_Lyman_cCraig Lyman is a Mechanical Operations Specialist at SOLitude. He has more than 40 years of experience in project management and is responsible for many of SOLitude’s harvesting and hydro-raking services through the company’s mechanical division.

Throughout his career, he has taken on many leadership roles and has experience as the onsite project manager of a wide slew of projects. In addition to his managerial expertise, Craig has obtained his A2-Hoisting license in Massachusetts, as well as his OSHA 40-hour HASWOPER certification.

Craig graduated from Boston Architectural College in 1983 with a degree in Architecture and a minor in Sociology. He began his professional career as an architect and general contractor, working in all phases of project management and construction for over 40 years. After many years in his practice, Craig retired and rekindled his love for the outdoors through his job with SOLitude.

In his free time, Craig enjoys driving his blue ford mustang and relaxing at the beach. He also loves history, theatrical set design and construction. 

Contact Craig

Jamie Cote  

Mechanical Operations Specialist

Jamie Cote_cJamie Cote, Mechanical Operations Specialist in New England, works in mechanical project management and performs various operational duties such as hydro-raking and mechanical harvesting. Jamie is also skilled to repair and maintain the mechanical equipment he uses. He currently holds contractor licenses and lull operator’s licenses in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Jamie has a strong attention to detail and has always been focused on customer satisfaction. Jamie previously owned a construction company that focused specifically on the restoration of homes built during the 18th and 19th centuries. After sixteen years in the construction business, Jamie decided it was time for a change and he brought his talents to SOLitude Lake Management.

In his free time, Jamie enjoys playing disc golf and hunting, as well as fishing, kayaking and any other water related activities. On most weekends, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors by the fire pit with his family and friends. 

Contact Jamie

Jacob Raisner 

Aquatic Specialist

Jacob_RaisnerJake Raisner joined the SOLitude Lake Management family as an aquatic specialist. Jake works out of the Hackettstown, NJ office in the Mid-Atlantic region and provides lake and pond management solutions to clients across New Jersey. He loves coming to work in the morning every day and treats every job as if it were his own personal lake or pond.

In his personal time, Jake enjoys fishing, hunting and being out on his boat. He used to play ice hockey and still enjoys getting out on the ice every now and again. He feels very lucky to have a job that he truly loves. 

Contact Jacob

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